Headlines of the most important news published this morning, Sunday April 28, 2024 AD

President of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces mourns former Minister of Defense, Major General M. Othman Abdallah

🔸 A decision to grant pensions to officers of the Armed Forces and other regular force officers participating in the Battle of Al Karama (the Medal of Dignity)

🔸 Minawi announces determination to liberate Darfur from Rapid Support Forces control

🔸 Sudan calls Security Council for urgent meeting regarding funding for UAE support

🔸 The rebellion storms the village of Umm Jalloud on the island and loots all the citizens' property

🔸 Airstrike destroys scaffolding of Jabal al-Awliya tank bridge, built by rebels in bid to escape

🔸 Army announces destruction of (3) marches near Marawi Airport

🔸 Minister of the Interior: A large number of detainees are involved in the support ranks

🔸 Due to dengue fever and non-payment of salaries…a complete collapse of rebel forces in Bahri

🔸 One analyst calls not to worry about the marches and says they are aimed at improving the position of support for the negotiations, which has collapsed.

🔸 Khartoum governor continues inspection of Al-Umda, Al-Masalama and Al-Mazhar neighborhoods and promises to restore services

🔸 A water crisis sweeps the southern belt and the price of a barrel has exceeded 10,000 pounds

🔸 Al-Azraq inspects Kassala market and confirms interest in people's livelihood issues

🔸 Epidemics ravage South Darfur

🔸 Libya implements health plan to meet needs of displaced Sudanese

🔸 Resumption of transport between Omdurman districts

🔸 UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan: If El Fasher is attacked, the conflict will spread dangerously in Sudan

🔸 Launch of the first return flights from Kassala to Omdurman for expatriate families

🔸 Signing of a contract to connect electricity to the Ishkit crossing in Wadi Halfa

🔸 Kassala governor warns against leniency in security matters

🔸 Sudanese activists demand solution to fight corruption at meeting with African Mechanism

🔸 Sudan plans to secure agricultural needs before rains fall

🔸 Security Council expresses deep concern over imminent attack by support forces on El Fasher

🔸 Maritime emergency: dengue epidemic requires safe corridors for the delivery of medicines

🔸 Operation of several drinking water stations in Haj Youssef

🔸 Gedaref Governor: Efforts at the center and state to implement the Gedaref Radical Water Solution Project

🔸 Northern Department of Education honors Halfa executive director after completion of teacher training course

🔸 President of the Southern Sultans

Blue Nile calls on Salva Kiir to continue mediation to end war in Sudan

🔸 (90) people specialized in removing explosive objects from the former Omdurman region

🔸 Russian President's Special Envoy for Middle East and Africa Arrives in Sudan

🔸 The Hadrin organization confirms the validity of the Star Link shutdown in the country at the end of April and efforts are underway to exclude Sudan

🔸 The Minister of Agriculture meets the Director of the Agricultural Bank to secure the agricultural campaign

🔸 Poet Adel Saad Youssef among the winners of the Daily Mail International Award

🔸 En Nahud city strengthens security measures to combat negative phenomena

🔸 Completion of works to absorb electrical energy from Al-Dahmar solar power plant

🔸 Abu Waraqa: Darfur's cultural heritage is sufficient to resolve all societal problems and achieve peace

🔸 Travel and tourism agencies confirm their support for the Atbara airport rehabilitation project

🔸 Humanitarian expert presents proposals to prevent humanitarian catastrophe in Darfur

🔸 Hatem Damous writes: Sudanese children risk seeing the vocabulary of war infiltrate their games!

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