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Dr. El-Zein Saad, Minister of Health and Social Development of White Nile State, chaired a meeting of the Health Emergency Committee in the meeting room of the ministry in the presence of Dr. Reem Mohamed Ahmed, Director of basic health care, Mr. Ismail Ali Youssef, Director of the General Administration of Emergency and Epidemic Control, and members of the committee. The committee reviewed the overall health conditions in the state and the meeting heard a number of reports including on environmental sanitation, water security, health promotion, reproductive health, control disease vectors, disease surveillance and vaccination, Al-Zein praised the efforts made and interventions that took place in all areas and called on the designated minister to intensify health promotion programs to change behaviors and raising awareness of the dangers of diseases, in addition to environmental sanitation and the activation of emergency committees in localities.

The meeting included a number of recommendations and costs, including the presentation of a detailed report on the situation of hospitals in terms of devices and equipment, in addition to a report on the situation of the service and diseases in health insurance, state drug supply inventory in preparation. for the fall, and inventory the health insurance centers that do not work in coordination with health care to meet the real intervention needs of the organizations that work.

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