Health: delivery of vaccines to Darfur states and launch of a systematic vaccination campaign for children in South Darfur

Routine vaccination campaigns for children in South Darfur began on Wednesday and will continue for six days, targeting children aged one day to less than two years.

This follows a hiatus of more than a year due to the war in Sudan, and the campaign was launched in eight localities under the coordination of the state Ministry of Health and its partners.

The Director of the General Directorate of Basic Health Care, Dr. Dalia Idris, in press statements, said that the expanded immunization program had been able to deliver vaccines to Darfur states and great efforts had been made to begin routine vaccination of children in all states of Darfur. She revealed the start of vaccination in the state. Wednesday, covering 8 localities out of a total of 21 localities, namely “Nyala South, Nyala North, Kass, Belil, Al-Salam, Buram, Gereida and East Al-Jabal”. launched the campaign in the rest of the localities with the support of the Federal Ministry of Health, calling on citizens to quickly vaccinate their children to protect them from fatal childhood diseases.

Confirmed Dr. Dalia highlighted the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health to protect all Sudanese children from diseases, noting the importance of vaccination as it protects our children, and that the Federal Ministry of Health is committed to help Darfur States vaccinate children in all remaining countries. localities.

It should be noted that the vaccine has been delivered to the state of North Kordofan and vaccination campaigns will be launched in the state.

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