Health Insurance, Nile branch, continues its efforts to provide stable medical service to policyholders

Dr Farouk Faisal, Director of Health Insurance, renewed their commitment to providing an integrated service according to the health insurance matrix. He stressed that the pharmaceutical service represents a fundamental pillar among the services provided, within the framework of the joint cooperation signature program. agreement with the National Fund for state medical supplies.

It was signed on behalf of the National Health Insurance Fund by Dr. Farouk Faisal, director of the state branch, and on behalf of the National Medical Supplies Fund, Dr. Ayman Mahmoud, director of the National Fund of state medical supplies, in the presence of Dr. Mujahid Abdel Salam, representative of the Federal National Medical Supplies Fund.

Doctor Waban. Farouk Faisal: The insurance company was keen to provide medical services to subscribers and pay all debts. He also indicated paying 50% of the medical supplies debt to the fund and agreeing to plan for the rest.

The agreement contained in its terms a number of topics, all of which included a discussion on the mechanism and controls for the provision of pharmaceutical services through hospital pharmacies and health centers, review and confirmation of previous debts, in addition to the approval of targeted hospitals and centers for restoration. the service.

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