Hebrew unit director assesses scale of losses in palm tree fire in villages of Aro and Achinemto

The director of the Ibri unit, Mr. Walid Saleh Khalil, and the accompanying delegation, the director of agriculture of the Ibri unit and several heads of the unit, visited the villages of 'Aru and Achinmtu in the administrative unit of Ibri to verify and determine the extent of losses due to a fire which destroyed a number of palm trees in these areas.

The Director of Agriculture of Ibri Unit, Mr. Amir Hassan, said that the fire broke out on the palm trees of Saqiya 18 and 20 in Baru village and Saqiya 1 in Baru village. Ashinmtu.

He added that preliminary estimates show that around 3,000 fruit palm trees were affected by the fire.

He stressed that the fire was due to negligence in cleaning the palm trees.

Stressing the need to provide advice to farmers in coordination with the Northern Agricultural Association so that farmers can avoid such fires in the coming days.

Hoping that God will compensate those affected by these fires.

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