I testify, O Muhammad… that you are one day – from the top of the podium – ✍️ Yasser Al-Fadni

Poets are distinguished by having overwhelming waves of violent desire, and this phrase is permitted to those who have poetry and written revelation. An inner violence that leads to what is sought, in which there is a refined pulsation, in which is. an open mind, and in which there is the beautiful and gentle creative storm which produces an impeccable poem in which flow sweet synonyms and sentences which come out like a (symphony) in which there is sweetness and the impossible! And the sound of the verbal melody, full of wishful thinking, takes the form of the third dimension in the poetic rhythm, the poetic presence, the elegant and attractive word and the ringing of the bell of joyful vocabulary.

He made a vow to me that if I reached his shrine… I would have stood at the door of guidance, pleading… I would have remained lying there until I accepted and washed myself finally a verse of poetry sung by. the praiser and lover of the Prophet, may God bless him and the only poet of praise, Sheikh Khaled Al-Mustafa, may God have mercy on him. This verse is taken from his poem of praise to the Beloved, written by him. Madih, who had a resonant and loving voice, performed it for Al-Madih's young lover, Abdo Sharaf.

In this verse, the poet expressed in writing his desire and love to visit the best of humans after clutching his cheeks on the threshold of the beloved's resting place. What a beautiful moment it is in which there is a tone of greeting. he greets ? He surrenders to the light, surrenders to the light and surrenders to the best born of a woman on the face of the earth. Who does he abandon himself to? Hail to Ali, who founded a fragrant school of morals, morals and good conduct

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mustafa is the owner of the School of Emotional Revelation, and the renewed and intense writing is passionate about the love and praise of the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace. How could it be otherwise? It is he who insists on begging in front of Mustafa's door and who insists on staying in the house of the Beloved, quiet and peaceful, until he ends his life in front of this pure place and washes there. What transparent love, what wonderful fidelity and what strong emotion.

This poem, which is considered one of the texts of Sudanese poetry praising the Beloved, the Master of humanity, contains more than one sentence: A vow to me for the purpose of affirmation, for the purpose of persistence and for the purpose of displaying the emotional state. It came out after lighting up inside the heart to bring it out into stronger light and light. A wish for me that if I reach his life as long as my feet touch the sandals And I put them on. the best clothes in the dresses, and the smells of perfume, and the satisfaction and the stones, God, God, for the beautiful pulse, God, God, for the wonderful description, God, God, for even the love of the place in which the beloved lived and died.

He made a vow to me that if I stood at his door, I would lower my voice and my volume and lower my gaze like his companions, seeking his satisfaction and justice in this house, the lover of the holy Muhammad, Sheikh Khaled Al. -Mustafa, embodies the state of him standing in front of Mustafa's grave, with great politeness, lowering his voice out of respect and reverence, lowering his gaze out of reverence, and he represents himself truly embodying the state of his companions. Honorable people, may God be pleased with them, how could they not? He memorizes well the words of the one he loves and we love so much when he says (Indeed, my companions are like rodents. Whoever you lead, you will be guided.)

The poem “Ali's Vow” was concluded by this lover with thousands of prayers for the one who has the greatest honor and with whom no human being can compete in this position. This poem was performed by the renter Abdo Sharaf, who has a tragic voice. and elegant appearance. It was amazing that he used it to praise Al-Fadil, and the second expressed his love with his melodious and sweet voice.

A poem that must be read, that must be studied and that must be researched critically and with graceful vocabulary. This sheikh made a vow and he kept it, then he left us, leaving him once again a huge library of Sudanese praise honey. mercy and forgiveness as much as you have offered, and may God protect you, you an honest young man who praised his servant, it is an honor that must be drunk at every moment for the Elect, and pray for the Good- Love. platform, I look ahead… where I now hear… only sincere wishes.

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