Inspired by Green Saturday – Edge of the Sword – ✍️ Muhammad Al-Sadiq

His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, yesterday issued a decision according to which he dissolved the National Assembly and froze certain provisions of the constitution for four years.

He said in a speech broadcast on satellite channels that political unrest has reached a stage that cannot be tolerated and that we will not allow democracy to be exploited to destroy the country. He said the security apparatus has the right to work as planned. the controls and arrangements granted to it.

He said that not all negative phenomena will persist and will be re-examined, especially since there are those that hinder the country's interests. Through this intervention, the Emir of Kuwait wanted to restore the country's prestige, its laws and its constitutions in order to preserve the security, stability and territorial integrity of the country.

Dr. Haitham Ibrahim, Federal Minister of Health, announced to the Sudanese the renewal of the agreement for free treatment of patients in Turkey. He also announced the training of medical personnel in Turkish institutions. I have said before and I repeat today that opening the doors of cooperation with friendly countries and those closest to us emotionally is something that the government must take into consideration. Thanks to the sister country of Turkey and Dr. Haitham, who proposed this initiative. files that were locked in drawers.

The King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Aid Center, in solidarity with the Addia Organization, distributed (485) food baskets to displaced and needy families in the forest unit of the northern state, and a new batch of convoys are underway. Thank you to the government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He who does not thank people does not thank God.

Specifications and Standards Today, the advanced gold and metal inspection devices are launched, considered to have high quality technical technology and capable of examining gold, silver, precious stones and other minerals, which will help increase exports of gold and other minerals which will boost the country's economy.

0 Yesterday, the army and joint forces gave martial arts lessons to Rapid Support in El Fasher. They received over seventy fully equipped Thatchers, and a large number of them were killed, and the rest fled out of the city and the fighting axes. .

The Anti-Smuggling Department of the Customs Forces foiled the largest attempt to smuggle explosives, Lieutenant General Hassabo Adam Al-Nour, Director General of the Customs Forces, congratulated the Anti-Smuggling Department for his efforts appreciated at all border entries. In turn, let us salute what the anti-smuggling departments have continued to do to preserve the Sudanese economy, its security and its stability. We salute Brigadier General Khaled Mohamed Saleh, Director of Combating Smuggling in Port Sudan and Maximizing Peace of Sudan Customs.

The General Union of Sudanese Journalists organizes many different trainings with a number of press and media institutions in Cairo. She also announced to journalists, men and women, the start of work to renew union cards.

I don't know why the Minister of Higher Education remains silent on everything that is said regarding final exams in a number of universities, problems and obstacles that we have spoken about on several occasions.

Tomorrow, Sudan, you will grow up..

Stay higher and stay cooler

Tomorrow, God willing, we will continue if there is rest in life. And the God of intention behind it.

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