Interior 100% 100 and Sirin ✍️ The secret is retribution

The Ministry of Interior has regained its vitality, its spirit, its leadership and its presence after the cursed setback of April 13, which aimed to fragment Sudan, defeat its entity, burn its history and erase its existence.

The presence we envisage inside is the vital and rapid restoration of work in the institutions of the ministry, including police units and work systems, and the reconstruction of the Sudan Police in the war-affected areas, and it is there that we find the epics of men and a noble race paid by the people, who are authorized by their command to manage the Interior and its vital institutions.

What is perhaps new in matters of Interior is that the new minister, Khalil Pasha, has brought about an evolution which can be seen through the formation of the Council of Ministers, by separating the units and by making them all work under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior. microscope, and through it you can clearly see the customs, fire brigade, medical services, passport, traffic and control services with their services, the refugee delegation and other police institutions.

After that, you will be able to see the Ministry of Interior building overlooking the main corniche of Port Sudan. It is decorated with the country's flag and its pride, surrounded by the flags of the institutions of the Ministry of the Interior and its police agencies. . You see, this building is one of the victories of the State over its project of fragmentation and the failure of its progress.

The viewer sees him with his flag erected proudly, embodying the identity of the Sudanese and nourishing it with pride and dignity. It even constituted an addition to the institutions of the state, and its presence in the restoration was quickly recorded. men who stood and worked hard until she was crowned with this magnificence. This is another epic whose letters were written in the ink of light.

Interior 10%10 and we march after the Sudanese police, through the General Administration of Passport and Immigration, restored the national identity and national registration systems. Without them, we would now be a people (AMFCO) without a passport. , no identity and no national sovereignty.

So, yes, men, and they salute the general dressed in khaki blue and the wasps of professionalism, General Dinkawi, who has proven that the police are alive, strong, capable, efficient, ready and prepared, and that it is a battle no less important. than the battle of radio and hospitality. They have my salvation, my honor and my gratitude.

The blessing of security that has been lost in many areas and the garb of security worn by many states constitutes a great responsibility and sacred duty undertaken by the state to preserve the will, ward off corruption and preserve national security.

The features of its restoration began with the victory of the armed forces in a number of axes, which requires the willingness of the police to preserve and maintain these victories.

Good preparation produces an integrated product and training reduces the blood of soldiers in combat, and the internal battle that is taking place now has started with the preparation of the working environment to handle a big issue, which is the issue of security and national identity.

We believe that the benefits of this war, as exciting as it is, will lie in redefining national security and strengthening law enforcement and protection agencies through new thinking and new jurisprudence.

The Ministry of the Interior has fortunately begun to initiate a scientific and technical discussion on the foreign presence, its dangers, its controls and the financial work to control it. This is one of the successes of the return of General Khalil Pasha, Sairin and Sairin, God willing. , by restoring everything that preserves our prestige and restores the glories of our State.

These letters are based on the reflection of the Almighty (Who fed them against hunger and gave them security against fear). The presence of the Ministry of the Interior and its police institutions has now become obvious to everyone. This is a big and urgent return. There is no life without security and no security without police.

At the level of the State and internal security, coupled with the incubator dimension of the military institution, of the armed forces, I say this and I know that there are opinions which may differ from what I have arrived at , but they certainly agree with us on the importance of the internal vital return, and that is enough.

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