Investing in crises and moral decline ✴️ Another angle ✴️ ✍️ Dr. Amna Muhammad Abd al-Rahman al-Imam

Wars are considered one of the worst factors that cause people to delay and destroy their societies, directly or indirectly. The current war has revealed many facts and positions, both positive and negative, which express the nature of human beings. the introduction was necessary, and this cursed war cast its shadow over people's lives. It greatly affected them and was reflected in their behavior and actions: insight, ingenuity, solidarity, magnanimity, sacrifice and redemption – behavior, values ​​and noble morals which represent an honorable title for this great people. On the other hand, there are dishonorable examples. There are expired goods on the market, high prices and a lack of measure, and we know very well the difficulty of importing goods in deteriorating security conditions. Long journeys, delivery brokers incur high costs, but there are minimum business ethics and legal controls for sale and trade. As for pharmacies and medications, that's a bigger problem. The drug trade became active and profitable. profession for everyone, even for young street vendors, and there are certain phenomena. Some weak souls include expired medicines that are sold under the pretext of “duration of use” beyond the stated date.

The situation has become difficult for everyone, especially for the ordinary citizen, and the military and security leaders have certainly made arrangements and estimates to pave the way (the main cause) of the crises, but we now need solidarity , compassion, humanitarian initiatives and official efforts to think of unconventional solutions to ease the burden of the citizen whose efforts for a decent life have been dispersed between water and medicine.

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