Istifar Marawi warns all those who dare to divide national ranks

A large gathering of the population of Merowe and the local mobilization and mobilization committee led by the head of the committee, Abdul Karim Al-Fath, the heads of sectors and the supervisors of the bases and camps, in the presence of the second commander of the 19th Merowe Infantry Division, Brigadier General Yasser Al-Siddiq Al-Bathani, and the head of the Intelligence Division, Colonel Adel Ali Al-Hassan, convened a massive meeting this afternoon in the hall of the Islamic University of Omdurman in Merowe.

The meeting warned against compromising the security and safety of the country and questioning the armed forces leading the battle for the survival of the Sudanese state.

The meeting highlighted the presence of currents and parties seeking to target mobilization in the locality and leading a campaign of division in the national ranks and on the domestic front, and added (people are with the army, against it, there is no gray matter)

The meeting provided a comprehensive explanation of training, rehabilitation and arming operations, noting recruit salaries, administrative vehicles and in-kind support to camps.

The participants ensured new arming, training and rehabilitation operations, as well as sending reinforcements to the Al-Karama Alliance supporting the armed forces.

The participants confirmed that they formed one and the same class to achieve the greatest national cohesion and popular rallying behind the armed forces to defeat passing militias.

The meeting called for the rejection of racism, regionalism and narrow partisanship, and called for the unity of the Sudanese societal fabric, which reinforces the principles of national unity.

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