It happened on this day, April 22


1500 – Brazil is discovered by chance by the Portuguese sailor Pedro Alvarez Cabral, which he annexes as the Kingdom of Portugal.

1870 – The Tokyo government allows inventors of rickshaws to build and sell them.

1898 – The first Kurdish newspaper under the name Journal du Kurdistan is published in Cairo, making this day Kurdish Press Day.

1901 – Japanese Braille is published.

1906 – The 1906 Summer Games open in Athens, a tournament currently not recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

1911 – The Pravda newspaper begins publishing in St. Petersburg.

1926 – Signing of a mutual security treaty between Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan.

(1945–Allied forces capture Bologna, Italy during World War II

1948 – The Zionist Haganah gang takes control of the Palestinian city of Haifa after horrific massacres.

1952 – Iran protests to the United Kingdom over its interference in Bahrain's affairs, as Iran considers Bahrain to be Iranian territory.

1955 – Syria's deputy chief of staff, Colonel Adnan al-Maliki, is assassinated at the Damascus Municipal Stadium during a football match he was sponsoring.

1984 – The United Kingdom expels employees of the Libyan embassy in London after the killing of a British policewoman who was guarding demonstrators during a demonstration against leader Muammar Gaddafi.

2004 – Two fuel-laden trains collide in North Korea, killing and injuring 3,000 people.

2008 – The President of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri, after postponing the eighteenth election session of the President of the Republic, announces that he will only be summoned to new electoral sessions after a dialogue between the Lebanese parties, where an agreement is reached. obtained on participation rates in government and the framework of electoral law.

2009 – South African voters vote in the fourth general election since the end of apartheid.

2010 – A missile exploded near the southern Jordanian city of Aqaba, causing damage to a cold storage warehouse without causing any casualties. It was one of two missiles launched at dawn and falling on Jordanian territory, while the other fell in the Red Sea. Egypt and Jordan have denied that the two missiles were launched from their lands, and analyzes from military sources indicate that the two missiles were aimed at the Israeli port of Eilat.

✴️ Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan announces the freezing of the ratification of agreements aimed at normalizing relations with Turkey, disrupted for decades by accusations against the Turks of having committed massacres against Armenians during the First World War, as well that due to the dispute over the In the Nagorno-Karabakh region, because Turkey refuses to implement the request for ratification of the agreement without conditions, he declares that his country is ready to proceed with the ratification of the agreements if suitable atmosphere is available in Turkey.

2012 – The candidate of the French Socialist Party, François Hollande, came first in the result of the first round of the presidential election, after obtaining 28.4% of the votes, and ahead of the outgoing president Nicolas Sarkozy, who came second after obtaining 25 .5% of the percentage of voters, while the nationalist Front candidate Marine Le Pen is third after obtaining 20% ​​of voters.

2019 – Ukrainian actor Volodymyr Zelensky wins the Ukrainian presidential elections with 73% of the total votes.

2021 – NASA's successful experiment to produce oxygen on Mars from carbon dioxide in the planet's atmosphere.



571 – Muhammad bin Abdullah (PBUH), prophet of Islam.

1168 – Abu Bakr bin Qassoum, Arab poet and editor and Andalusian ascetic.

1451 – Queen Isabella I, queen of Castile, Leon and Sicily.

1658 – Giuseppe Torelli, Italian musician.

1707 – Henry Fielding, English novelist.

1724 – Immanuel Kant, German philosopher.

1797 – Dr. Jean-Louis Marie Boisoy, French physician and physiologist.

1854 – Henri La Fontaine, Belgian politician who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1913.

1870 – Vladimir Lenin, Soviet leader.

1876 ​​– Robert Baranyi, Hungarian physician who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1914.

1900 – Abbas Fares, Egyptian actor.

1904 – Robert Oppenheimer, American physicist.

1909 – Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian doctor who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986.

1916 – Yehudi Menuhin, American violinist.

1919 – Donald Cram, American chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1987.

1924 – Nam Duk-woo, South Korean politician.

1937 – Jack Nicholson, American actor.

1941 – Hossam Tahseen Bey, Syrian actor.

1950 – Tariq Al-Tilmisani, Egyptian cinematographer and actor.

1952 – Faisal Al-Fagé, Jordanian politician.

1954 – Joji Nakata, Japanese voice actor.

1957 – Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland.

1962 – Raja Belmaleh, Moroccan singer.

1965 – Samah Anwar, Egyptian actress.

*”Khaled Abdel Rahman, Saudi singer.

1969 – Dion Dublin, English footballer.

1973 – Christopher Sabbat, American voice actor.

1976 – Mihal Chevlakov, Polish footballer.

1977 – Mark van Bommel, Dutch footballer.

1979 – Zoltan Guerra, Hungarian footballer.

1980 – Nicolas Duches, French footballer.

1981 – Hind Muhammad, Saudi actress.

1982 – Kaka, Brazilian footballer.

1986 – Sandy, Egyptian singer. Amber Heard, American actress.

1987 – Mikel John Obi, Nigerian footballer.



1872 – Mahdi Kashif Al-Ghita, Shiite jurist and Iraqi poet.

1908 – Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

1936 – Ismail Kamali, Libyan historian.

1955 – Adnan Al-Maliki, Syrian soldier.

1961 – Joanna Cannon, British novelist.

1981 – Farrokh Khorasani, Iranian poet.

1994 – Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States.

2010 – Faihan Al-Arbeed, Kuwaiti actor.

** Victor Nuremberg, Luxembourg footballer.

2011 – Chung Sai Ho, Hong Kong footballer.

2018 – Wiam Dahmani, Moroccan host, actress and singer.

2021 – Marwan Adel Hamza, Iraqi poet.


Holidays and Occasions:

⬅️Earth Day.

⬅️ Discovery day in Brazil.

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