It happened on this day, April 24


934 – Abu Abbas Muhammad al-Radi Billah pledged allegiance to the caliphate of the Abbasid state, after the deposition of Caliph Abu Mansur Muhammad al-Qahir Billah.

1830 – The Ottoman Empire recognizes Greece as an independent state, after heavy pressure was placed on it by major European countries to establish an independent monarchy in Greece with Athens as its capital.

1859 – Drilling work begins in the Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

1877 – The Russian Empire declares war on the Ottoman Empire after the Sublime Porte refuses to interfere in the internal affairs of the state under the pretext of protecting Christian minorities.

1898 – Spain declares war on the United States in what is known as the Spanish-American War.

1908 – The “Al-Qatar Al-Masry newspaper” is published by Ahmed Helmy.

1915 – Mustard gas is used for the first time in war history on the battle fronts near the town of Ypres in Belgium during World War I.

✴️ The Ottomans arrested more than 250 Armenian leaders in Istanbul, accused of spying with the Russians and the British, beginning with what was later known as the Armenian massacres and the Seyfo massacres against the Assyrian-Chaldean Syrians .

1916 – The Irish revolt against British rule during World War I, but the British army manages to put it down after a week, killing 460 people.

1950 – Jordan annexes the West Bank to its administration.

1951 – A train fire at Sakuragicho Station claims the lives of 106 people.

1970 – Launch of Dongfanghong 1, the first Chinese satellite, aboard a Long March 1 launcher.

✴️ The Gambia became a republic and Dawda Jawara assumed the position of first president.

1980 – The United States attempts to rescue hostages held at the American embassy in Tehran. This attempt failed and 8 American soldiers died.

1984 – Morocco breaks diplomatic relations with Costa Rica and El Salvador because the latter moved their embassies from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.

1990 – Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope.

1991 – Deployment of international observers to the border between Kuwait and Iraq. Ethiopia completes its withdrawal from Eritrea after recognizing the right of Eritreans to self-determination.

1995 – Formation of the Iraqi Turkmen Front in Erbil after the meeting of the Turkmen parties.

2003 – Former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz surrenders to Iraqi forces after the fall of the Baath Party.

2013 – A commercial building collapses in a town near the capital, Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing 1,129 people and injuring around 2,500.

✴️ The collapse of the minaret of the Grand Mosque of Aleppo, exposed to artillery shelling during a heavy weapons clash between Syrian army forces and the opposition during the events of the Battle of Aleppo, and significant damage to the mosque itself.

2017 – Candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen qualified for the runoff of the 2017 French presidential elections after dominating the first round results.

2021 – US President Joe Biden admitted that the Armenian massacres of the early 20th century were a genocide.

✴️ Announcement of the sinking of the Indonesian navy submarine KRI Nangala 402 north of Bali, with 53 sailors on board.



1845 – Karl Spitler, Swiss writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1919.

1856 – Philippe Pétain, French head of state during World War II.

1897 – Nayef Talhouk, Lebanese poet.

1934 – Shirley MacLaine, American actress.

1936 – Jill Ireland, English actress.

1941 – Richard Holbrooke, American diplomat.

1942 – Barbara Streisand, American singer and actress.

1943 – Gordon West, English footballer.

1947 – Roger Kornberg, American biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006.

1953 – Abadi Al-Johar, Saudi singer.

** Fifi Abdo, Egyptian actress and belly dancer.

1960 – Amal Abbas, Iraqi actress.

1961 – Wael Nour, Egyptian actor.

1966 – Alessandro Costacurta, Italian footballer and coach.

1968 – Hashim Thaçi, Prime Minister of Kosovo.

1971 – Badriya Tolba, Egyptian actress.

1974 – Ellen Khalaf, Lebanese singer.

**Raymond Kalla, Cameroonian footballer.

1976 – Steve Finnan, Irish footballer.

1979 – Abdel Salam Al-Dabaji, retired Palestinian track and field competitor.

1981 – Taylor Dent, American tennis player.

1982 – Kelly Clarkson, American actress and singer.

1983 – Mai Abdullah, Egyptian actress working in Kuwait.

1987 – Serdar Taşı, German footballer.

** Varun Dhawan, Indian actor.

1992 – Mark Cullen, English footballer.

1992 – Joe Keery, American actor



1596 – Abd al-Aziz al-Zamzami, Hejazi jurist, writer and poet.

1731 – Daniel Defoe, English writer.

1891 – Helmut von Moltke, German soldier.

1960 – Max von Laue, German physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914.

1964 – Gerhart Dommack, German doctor who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1939.

1986 – Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor and wife of King Edward VIII, former king of the United Kingdom.

2004 – Mahmoud Morsi, Egyptian actor.

2005 – Ezer Weizman, president of Israel.

2006 – Brian Labone, English footballer.

2011 – Satya Sai Baba, Indian religious leader, philosopher, poet and orator.

2015 – Rustum Ghazaleh, head of Syrian military intelligence in Lebanon.

2019 – Abbasi Madani, Algerian politician and founder of the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front.

2020 – Nasira Al-Saadoun, Iraqi novelist and translator.

2021 – Mustafa Saadoun, Iraqi footballer.


Holidays and Occasions:

⬅️ Massacre Memorial Day, which is the day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian genocide; It is an official occasion in Armenia and France.

⬅️ Day of commemoration of the Sifu massacres.

⬅️ World Laboratory Animal Day.

⬅️ Republic Day in Gambia.

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