It happened on this day, April 25


1792 La Marseillaise, anthem of the French Revolution.

✴️ French bandit Nicolas Jacques Pelletier goes down in history as the first person to be executed by guillotine.

1920 – Signing of the decisions of the San Remo Conference, which define the zones of British and French influence in the Arab Levant.

1926 – The first German-made vending machine appears in Japan.

(1945–Delegates from forty-five countries meet in San Francisco to lay the foundations and charter of the United Nations

1953 – James Watson and Francis Crick discover DNA.

1954 – Production of the first high-efficiency solar power cell at Bell Laboratories.

1955 – The creation of the Non-Aligned Movement is announced by Gamal Abdel Nasser, Joseph Broz Tito and Jawaharlal Nehru during the Bandung Conference held in Indonesia.

1979 – Ratification of the peace treaty documents between Egypt and Israel.

1980 – The Japanese government announces its boycott of the Moscow Olympic Games.

✴️ The failure of the US armed special forces in Operation Eagle Claw, which aimed to free the American hostages, led to the death of 8 American soldiers and the injury of four others due to the collision of two planes during the storm from the desert to the desert. desert of the Iranian city of Tabas.

1982 – Israeli withdrawal from Sinai completed in accordance with the Camp David Accords.

1990 – Violeta Chamorro becomes president of Nicaragua, making her the first woman to serve as head of state in Latin America.

1992 – Opening of the Kurdish section of Voice of America Radio.

2005 – 107 people died in a train accident in Japan.

2015 – A 7.9 magnitude earthquake occurs in Nepal, killing more than 6,500 people and causing massive casualties.

2016 – A car bomb explodes in Sayyida Zeinab, near Damascus, killing 15 people and injuring 40 others, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility.

2021 – At least 80 people died and dozens were injured in the fire at Ibn al-Khatib Hospital in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.



1214 – King Louis IX, king of France.

1284 – King Edward II, English king.

1599 – Oliver Cromwell, English soldier and politician.

1823 – Sultan Abdul Majid I, Ottoman caliph and sultan

1874 – Guglielmo Marconi, Italian physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909.

1900 – Wolfgang Pauli, Austrian physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1945.

1903 – Andrei Kolmogorov, Russian mathematician.

1913 – Abdel Hamid Gouda Al-Sahar, Egyptian writer.

1917: Ella Fitzgerald, American singer. 1921 – Badr al-Din al-Kilani, Syrian Muslim jurist, politician and poet.

1927 – Fatima Musa, Egyptian scholar, critic and translator.

1934 – Adel Sadiq, Egyptian director.

1940 – Al Pacino, American actor.

1941 – Princess Mona Al-Hussein, mother of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan.

(1945–MagdaEzzEgyptian ballet dancer

1946 – Ali Badrakhan, Egyptian director.

1947 – Johan Cruyff, Dutch footballer.

1949 – Dominique Strauss-Kahn, director of the International Monetary Fund.

1961 – Abeer Issa, Jordanian actress.

1969 – Renée Zellweger, American actress.

1970 – Mohamed Riad, Egyptian actor. Jason Lee, American actor.

** Tomoko Kawakami, Japanese actress.

1976 – Rainer Schüttler, German tennis player.

** Gilberto, Brazilian footballer.

1985 – Claudia Hanna, Iraqi singer.

1989 – Faisal Al-Omari, Saudi actor.

1993 – Raphaël Varane, French footballer.



1595 – Torquato Tasso, Italian poet.

1744 – Anders Celsius, Swedish astronomer, mathematician and physicist.

1941 – Mahmoud Sobh, Egyptian musician.

1960 – Fahd Buresli, Kuwaiti poet.

1992 – Yutaka Ozaki, Japanese singer.

1995 – Ginger Rogers, American actress.

1997 – Samir Waheed, Egyptian actor.

2007 – Alan Ball, English footballer and manager.

2014 – Tito Vilanova, former coach of FC Barcelona.

2016 – Khaldoun Al-Maleh, Syrian director.


Holidays and Occasions:

⬅️ Sinai Liberation Day.

⬅️ Flag Day in the Faroe Islands.

⬅️ Flag Day in Swaziland.

⬅️ Freedom Day in Portugal.

⬅️ Liberation Day in Italy.

⬅️ Arbor Day in Germany.

⬅️ Anniversary of the founding of the North Korean People's Army.

⬅️ Malaria Awareness Day.

⬅️ DNA Day commemorates the discovery of DNA by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953.

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