It happened on this day, April 28


1192 – The Assassins assassinate the elected king of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, Conrad, during the Third Crusade.

1700 – The Ottomans, led by Mustafa Dey, defeat the Sultan of Fez, Ismail the Great, in the “Battle of Jaddouia”, during which 30,000 Fezians are killed.

1883 – Opening of the Bank of Japan.

1908 – The first 780 Japanese immigrants leave the port of Kobe for Brazil.

1917 – The United States declares war on Germany during World War I.

1926 – Ahmed Nami Bey assumes the presidency of Syria.

1929 – King Faisal I of Iraq tasks Tawfiq Al-Suwaidi with forming a new ministry, following the appointment of Gilbert Clayton as British High Commissioner to Iraq.

1939 – Adolf Hitler announces the cancellation of the non-aggression pact he had signed with Poland.

(1945–Beginning of the United Nations General Assembly session on the question of Palestine

✴️ Italian leader Benito Mussolini was executed by firing squad after losing Italy's leadership during World War II.

1951 – Dr. Muhammad Mossadeq assumes the presidency of the ministry in Iran.

1952 – End of the American occupation of Japan with the signing of the peace treaty with Japan in San Francisco.

1969 – French President Charles de Gaulle resigns from his post and announces his retirement from political work, following the social and student unrest that France witnessed in 1968.

1974 – 8 Israeli soldiers are killed in a Syrian artillery bombardment on the occupied Golan, and 6 other soldiers are killed in the crash of a helicopter coming to transport the wounded. This was the greatest loss for Israel during the war of attrition that followed the October War and ended with the signing of the Disengagement Agreement and the Israeli withdrawal from Quneitra.

1993 – American Airlines allows women to pilot its planes for the first time in its history.

2004 – 108 Muslims were killed in clashes between security forces and Islamists in southern Thailand, after security forces stormed a mosque and killed 32 people inside, leading to to these clashes.

2009 – US President Barack Obama selects Nobel Prize-winning scientist Ahmed Zewail to serve on his science and technology advisory board.

2018 – Qiddiya Project established in Riyadh, with King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud laying the foundation stone of the project.



1758 – James Monroe, fifth president of the United States and initiator of the Monroe Doctrine.

1838 – Tobias Michael Kael Asser, Dutch jurist who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1911.

1884 – Eduard Beneš, second president of Czechoslovakia.

1889 – António Salazar, Prime Minister of Portugal.

1906 – Kurt Gödel, Austrian mathematician.

1926 – Harper Lee, American novelist.

1930 – James Baker, United States Secretary of State.

1937 – Jamil Awad, Jordanian actor.

** Saddam Hussein, Iraqi president (1979 – 2003).

1940 – Fagé Al-Faqih, Lebanese journalist, university professor and politician.

1941 – Carl Barry Sharpless, American chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001.

1946 – Nagwa Ibrahim, Egyptian presenter and actress.

** Nour El-Sherif, Egyptian actor.

1950 – Jay Leno, American journalist.

1954 – Essam El-Erian, Egyptian politician and member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

1960 – Walter Zenga, Italian footballer and coach.

1966 – Ali Reza Pahlavi, son of the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

1970 – Diego Simeone, Argentine footballer and coach.

1971 – Bridget Moynahan, American actress.

1972 – Malak Al Khalidi, Emirati actress.

1973 – Jorge Garcia, American actor.

1974 – Eric Vale, American voice actor.

** Penelope Cruz, Spanish actress.

1980 – Shams, Saudi singer.

1981 – Shihab Kankouni, Kuwaiti football goalkeeper.

**Jessica Alba, American actress.

1983 – Heba El-Sisi, Egyptian actress and model.

** Roger Johnson, English footballer.

1985 – Tatiana, Lebanese actress.

1986 – Sarah El Hani, Lebanese singer.

1989 – Kim Sung-kyu, Korean singer, songwriter and dancer.

1990 – Nadia Lalami, Moroccan tennis player.

1994 – Shamma Hamdan, Emirati singer.



1192 – Conrad, king of the kingdom of Jerusalem.

1853 – Ludwig Tieck, German poet, translator, editor and novelist.

1932 – Truman Aldrich, American politician.

1936 – King Fuad I, king of Egypt.

(1945–Benito Mussolinileader of Fascist Italy1954-Léon JousFrench trade unionistNobel Prize in Peace in 1951

1985 – Asad Haider, Iraqi religious historian.

1999 – Youssef Aouf, Egyptian writer. Arthur Shawlow, American physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1981.

2002 – Alexander Lebed, Russian general and politician.

** Alf Ramsey, English football player and manager.

2007 – Hala Shawkat, Syrian actress.

2008 – Mustafa Bin Nakhi, Kuwaiti calligrapher.

2012 – Regina Martinez, Mexican journalist.


Holidays and Occasions:

⬅️ International Day of Remembrance of Workers Who Died or Suffered from Disabilities as a result of their work.

⬅️ National day of mourning in Canada.

⬅️ National Heroes Day in Barbados.

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