It happened on this day, May 9


1876 ​​- Ueno Park opened in Tokyo, considered the first public park in Japan.

1927 – Australia's capital moved to Canberra from Melbourne.

1941 – The German submarine “U-110” falls into the hands of British forces, allowing the British to obtain a German cipher device, which allows the Allies to decipher the German cipher.

(1945–Soviet Union victory over Nazi GermanyGermany evacuated Czechoslovakia and declared it a republicItaly announced independence after World War II

1946 – King Victor Emmanuel III abdicates the throne of Italy in favor of his son Umberto II.

1947 – Declaration of independence of Romania.

1955 – West Germany joins NATO.

1974 – An earthquake on Japan's Izu Peninsula kills 30 people.

1978 – The Red Brigades execute former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, detained since his kidnapping on March 16.

1994 – African leader Nelson Mandela becomes the first African president of the Republic of South Africa.

2004 – Pro-Russian Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov is killed in an explosion at a football stadium.

2009 – Jacob Zuma is sworn in as President of the Republic of South Africa.

2015 – An Egyptian court hands down an aggravated prison sentence of 3 years against deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons in the presidential palaces affair.

✴️ The World Health Organization announces that Liberia has become completely free of the Ebola virus.

2016 – Werner Faymann resigns as Austrian chancellor and leader of the Social Democratic Party.

2018 – More than 45 people died and hundreds were injured after a flood hit Kenya's Nakuru County.



1147 – Minamoto no Yoritomo, Japanese commander.

1882 – Muhammad Rifaat, Egyptian reader.

1907 – Baldur von Schirach, leader of the Hitler Youth.

1927 – Manfred Eigen, German chemist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1967.

1930 – Khalifa Al-Talisi, Libyan writer and poet.

1933 – Jamal Mirsadeghi, Iranian novelist and short story writer.

1935 – Roger Hargreaves, English author and illustrator.

1938 – Charles Simic, American poet.

1940 – James Brooks, American director.

(1945-GamalEl-GhitaniEgyptian novelistMuhammadAl-TawyanaSaudi actor

1946 – Candice Bergen, Swedish actress.

** Yukiya Amano, Japanese diplomat and director of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

1952 – Zdenek Nehoda, Czechoslovak footballer.

1955 – Samira Baroudi, Lebanese actress.

1978 – Massimo Bacchi, Italian footballer. Ahmed Haroun, Egyptian actor.

1979 – Rosario Dawson, American actress.

1981 – Mohamed Mamdouh, Egyptian actor.

1982 – Hossam Abu Saleh, Palestinian footballer.

1983 – Leandro Rinaudo, Italian footballer.

** Giles Müller, Luxembourg tennis player.

1985 – Audrina Patridge, American actress.

1988 – Felix Bastians, German footballer.

1990 – Diego Marinho, Spanish footballer.

1991 – Genki Haraguchi, Japanese footballer.

1996 – Cameron Brannagan, English footballer.



1791 – Abd al-Wahhab bin Muhammad al-Fayrouz, Hanbali jurist and Saudi religious writer.

1805 – Friedrich Schiller, German poet.

1810 – Benjamin Lincoln, American officer participating in the War of Independence.

1850 – Louis Joseph Guy-Lussac, French physicist and chemist.

1931 – Albert Michelson, American physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1907.

1950 – Muhammad Refaat, Egyptian reader.

1951 – Rashid Yasemi, Iranian writer.

1978 – Aldo Moro, Italian Prime Minister.

1996 – Tawfiq Suleiman Assaf, Lebanese politician and businessman.

1997 – Rawya Attia, Egyptian politician.

2004 – Akhmad Kadyrov, first president of the Chechen Republic.

2005 – Marouf Rafiq Mahmoud, Palestinian poet.

2010 – Lena Horne, American actress and singer.

2018 – Khadija Al-Hadithi, Iraqi Arabic linguist.

2020 – Badia bint Ali bin Al Hussein, an Iraqi princess.

** Ahmed Al-Kurd, Palestinian philanthropist, imam and politician.


Holidays and Occasions:

◀️ Europe Day (in the European Union).

◀️ Independence Day in Romania.

◀️ Emancipation Day in Russia and Ukraine.

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