It's time to rethink Sudan's capital, a step towards smart cities and a prosperous future – something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Khartoum, the current capital of Sudan, has always been a vibrant cultural and commercial center. But over time, the city has faced increasing challenges, such as overpopulation, traffic jams, dilapidated infrastructure, and devastation caused by the ongoing war. It is now time to consider the possibility of establishing a new administrative capital, while retaining Khartoum as an important capital. political and commercial center.

The benefits of having a new administrative capital relieve pressure on Khartoum, as the new capital will help spread the burden of government work and the people, which will reduce pressure on Khartoum and improve the quality of life there, in addition to create new economic opportunities. , as the new capital will attract investment and create new employment opportunities, which will enhance economic growth across the country. The new capital can be designed to be a smart city, supported by the latest technologies to ensure infrastructure efficiency and sustainability. the capital represents a symbol of progress and ambition for Sudan and shows the world its enormous potential.

Khartoum must remain a political and commercial capital as Khartoum has a rich history and vibrant culture, making it an important symbol of Sudanese identity and a strategic location, as Khartoum is strategically located at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers, which makes it a political and commercial capital. an important commercial center and gateway to Africa, and Khartoum already has well-developed infrastructure, including airports, roads and railways, which make it a strong base for the political and commercial capital.

The creation of a new administrative capital represents a wonderful opportunity to create smart cities across Sudan. These cities can be designed to be sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly, while using the latest technologies to improve the lives of residents. requires more studies and research to be conducted to determine the best location for the capital. New projects and design an overall plan for their creation. All stakeholders must be involved in this process, including government, citizens and experts.

The creation of a new administrative capital and smart cities in Sudan will help advance economic development and improve the quality of life of citizens. It is time to take bold steps to secure a better future for Sudan.

Thanks to Port Sudan, which resolved the crisis of the Sudanese capital during the war, it is not suitable to be an administrative capital. Towns like Wad Madani, Al-Obeid and Shendi Kosti may be designated, nor an administrative town. can be built in the eastern Nile or Kamilin regions.

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