Janjaweed and trees (do not cut the stem of the tree so that drought and desertification do not happen to us) – Panels – ✍️ Rashid Abdel Rahim

A beautiful song that was raised and loved by the children of Sudan, as they heard it on television in the voice of the creator Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, may God have mercy on him.

We have witnessed much brutality and aggression from the rebels, and here we are witnessing the strangest types of brutality and destruction from them.

One of the generous sisters said the Janjaweed attacked them in their house, vandalized and looted it, and then, before leaving, cut down a large mango tree in the courtyard of the house.

Researcher Dr. Ashari Ahmed Mahmoud, author of non-fiction books on the Janjaweed, explained that felling trees is an ancient practice of the Rizeigat rebels which they carried out frequently in Dinka lands in southern Sudan.

Many verses of the Holy Quran speak of the tree, as it is a symbol of life. We eat its fruits, shelter in its shade and light fires to feed and warm us.

He who cuts down trees is a warrior for life and an aggressor against humanity and the entire universe.

The Janjaweed are not a people of stability and do not like anything that calls for stability and development.

In Darfur, the tree is the place where people meet, the place where civil courts and hearings are held, and it is the place where children play and where animal food is eaten.

The Janjaweed, who live on raids and attacks, are disturbed by the presence of trees that protect people and provide them with life and simple weapons to resist them.

It is not strange that the Janjaweed destroy life wherever they go. They destroyed people, looted and destroyed crops on the island after killing men and women, pillaging, raping and burning.

They destroyed all the energy sources it relied on, from the oil sites in West Kordofan, Al-Ailfoun and Al-Jili, to the electricity and water sources in Khartoum.

People with such low qualities are more worthy than God eradicating them from this world and our earth, destroying them and expelling them from this world.

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