Kabashi and Al-Helu – Signs – ✍️ Rashid Abdel Rahim

The armed forces and the SPLM-N reached an agreement in Juba, which was signed by Lieutenant General Al-Kabashi on behalf of the army and Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu on behalf of the movement.

The agreement aims to facilitate the delivery of relief and aid to those in need.

An agreement that reflects the seriousness of humanitarian work.

The SPLM and Darfur factions have taken a national position in this war.

The main factions of Darfur, including the forces of Minawi and Jibril, then the Awakening forces led by Sheikh Musa Hilal, have rallied to the national side, left behind by small groups which do not exist on the ground.

Sovereignty Council members Al-Hadi and Hajar withdrew from the national guidance. They lost their positions and, not adhering to the principles, they immediately changed and chose the position that suited them, that of the side of the rebellion.

In this war, the armed forces proved that they stood with their people, confronting those who chose war and opening their arms to those who wanted peace and standing in national ranks.

Kabashi and Al-Helu agreed to denounce the rebels and their supporters.

Shameless executives have called for a similar deal to be made with Rapid Support.

They did not abandon their position of supporting the rebellion. They remained silent in the face of rebel attacks on humanitarian convoys. They forgot that Rapid Support refused to implement the Jeddah agreement, and they were too cowardly to advise it to move towards peace.

She wants a deal that provides food to rebel forces and not to those who need it.

She wants a deal that keeps rebel forces in civilian homes and property.

In all situations, the armed forces prove that they stand with the Sudanese people. You make peace with him who wants a peace that protects him, and you fight him who wants a fight that will destroy him.

Every day, the armed forces send a message of peace to the whole world. She sends him the message that she is the one who represents the Sudanese people and the one who meets international demands in true peace.

Peace be upon the brave, those who have will, and not the peace of cowards, with rebellious murderers and shameless traitors.

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