Kassala Governor Welcomes Ahl al-Fan Initiative to Support Armed Forces

The acting governor of Kassala, Major General Ma'ash Al-Sadiq Muhammad Al-Azraq, attended at the House of the Union of Musical Professions the grand cultural evening in support of the armed forces, organized by the Etab Cultural Foundation in cooperation with the Union under the slogan (Against evil, we are all soldiers). Masha'ir Badri, President of the Foundation, reviewed the vision of the Foundation to support the armed forces by organizing… cultural evenings and highlighting art in the battle of Dignity, noting that this initiative is part of a number of initiatives launched by various components of the Sudanese people and declaring its position alongside the armed forces in the War of Dignity. The president of the union, Mohamed Abdel Aziz (Bembo), expressed his thanks and appreciation to the governor of the state for his presence and participation in the cultural evening, noting that the union included a number of people from the world of arts and culture. affected by the war and is experiencing an intense ban in various events, while Professor Amira Hussein, Director of the Orientation Sector, noted the movement witnessed by the House of the Union of Artists and the cultural arena in general during the last period. She highlighted the role of cultural work in its various aspects in supporting the armed forces and in defeating the rebel militias, on her part, through the governor in charge, His Excellency, with the approach, initiative and cooperation that took place between the Etab Foundation. and the Union of Musical Professions for organizing rhyme evenings, emphasizing the impact of the word in supporting military action and the battle of Karama in particular. He stated that the battle for dignity is not the battle of the armed forces alone, but rather that of the entire Sudanese people, and everyone can contribute to it in their own way. The governor praised the support of the Sudanese people for their armed forces, which have achieved a great victory. He added that victory will be his ally because Ali is right, with the truth, and against those who conspired against the nation, from internal and external agents. During the night, a number of enthusiastic, patriotic and supportive songs were performed for the armed forces, amid great interaction from the participants in the evening.

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