King Salman Center implements second batch of humanitarian aid in Al-Dabah locality

The Adda Disaster Relief and Development Organization has launched the distribution of the second batch of the second phase of aid to the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Works in Al-Dabbah locality.

Dr. Muhammad Khair Hamed, program representative of the organization, confirmed that the flow and continuity of food aid to arrivals from sheltered families and accommodation centers is one of the priorities of the organization at the moment. light of the circumstances the country is going through.

Hamed said that this time the basket targeted part of the northern state, namely Merowe and Al-Dabbah, and they indicated that it would cover the rest of the localities in the state in the next package, explaining that the share of the locality of Al-Daba was (3,400) thousand, and that the basket included sugar, flour, lentil oil, pasta and salt.

It should be noted that the distribution process began this morning at Al-Dabba Administrative Unit under the supervision of Ms. Kawthar Jafar Al-Khussein, Coordinator of Humanitarian Aid of the locality and Migrants Committee, and in coordination with neighborhood committees.

Kawthar expressed his gratitude and thanks to the government and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the King Salman Center and its organization, in addition to this support, which acquired a double importance with the increase in the number of baskets by compared to the previous period. He stressed that this aid serves as support for affected families and contributes to reducing the burden of life and basic needs given these circumstances, indicating that the distribution is taking place in the right direction, confirming that the distribution for Solidarity and solidarity. Goal units will come later.

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