“Kuwait is at your side”… unconditional donation and eternal love for Sudan ✍️ Ali Youssef Tabidi

Historically, the State of Kuwait has consistently stood by Sudan in all adversities, crises and disasters occurring there, and the years have been filled with numerous stands and assistance that Kuwait has provided to Sudan and its people based on the strong ties and ties that bind the two countries at the official and popular levels, and perhaps what the Kuwaiti ambassador has done. In Khartoum, Abdullah Al-Sari'i during the 1988 floods is considered the most striking and ingrained image in the minds of all Sudanese.

In the year that has passed since the war raging in Sudan and its disastrous effects in various sectors, Kuwait sent a squadron of planes that carried within them love, brotherhood, affection and support to the Sudanese people from before – kind and material assistance, and in recent days we have witnessed the successive arrival of the airlift led by Kuwait To support Sudan, the 18th plane recently arrived from the airlift Kuwaiti for people affected by the war in Sudan. Port Sudan International Airport carrying around 10 tons of food and shelter from the “Sudan Fright” campaign, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Sudan, Dr. Fahd Al-Dhafiri, who received the plane, said: the humanitarian aid, which bears the slogan (Kuwait is at your side), is part of the continuity of the implementation of the directives of the Kuwaiti political leaders to support our brothers in Sudan, and it continues through this airlift, which was the first bridge launched towards Sudan a few days after the start of the war. He said that in addition to this bridge, there was direct and continuous assistance through Kuwaiti charitable organizations and companies operating in Sudan through charitable and humanitarian projects that did not stop during the past period. to benefit the Sudanese population through food aid, expanded medical and health centers, environmental sanitation and epidemic control campaigns, as well as ongoing projects to sponsor orphans and assist families vulnerable.

Ambassador Al-Dhafiri expressed his thanks to the good people of Kuwait, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and the voluntary associations and organizations who supported this aid and whose teams oversaw its delivery and delivery to Sudan. He also expressed his appreciation for all the efforts. made by the relevant authorities in Sudan to facilitate the arrival of this aid, as explained by the representative of the Kuwait Red Crescent delegation, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shami, accompanying the plane, said that the cargo of the plane included food and shelter, and this is a continuation of the Kuwaiti airlift aimed at supporting the Sudanese people, which will continue, God willing, in coordination with all parties concerned in the two countries.

After the revolution and during the transitional government, Kuwait always expressed its support for the security and stability of Sudan and continued to confirm in recent years its willingness to provide aid and subsidies to the transitional government for support Sudan's efforts to overcome its economic crisis. Kuwaiti Ambassador Fahd Al-Dhafiri previously affirmed the strength and solidity of relations between the two countries, expressing pride and appreciation for Sudan and its people, contributing to building Kuwait's renaissance. the views of the two countries on the issue of submitting a proposal for food security and that Kuwait believes that Sudan is the food basket not only of the Arab world but of the whole world and constitutes the alternative to the resolution crises regarding development support. Kuwait provided to Sudan, the ambassador indicated that the first projects of the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development were in brotherly Sudan, and the General Authority for Investment expressed its desire to explore new investment opportunities in Sudan.

In conclusion, we must express our great thanks and gratitude to the government and people of the State of Kuwait and its wise leaders represented by Prince Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for the support they have provided in Sudan.

As we pointed out previously, what Kuwait is doing towards Sudan is not strange, because it has remained present and contributed a lot in terms of infrastructure, economy, investments, agricultural and industrial projects, economic development and of course through aid to the population. Perhaps what Kuwait did after signing a peace agreement in Eastern Sudan in 2006 and subsequently hosting the Donor Conference and sponsoring support for the Eastern Sudan Reconstruction Fund remains a point of light and a sign void which cannot be forgotten or neglected and which is the subject of continued appreciation and gratitude to the people and government of Sudan, and confirmation of the saying “Panic in Sudan”, which was one of the titles of the Kuwait's latest aid airlift.

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