Launch of the major security campaign in areas south of Al-Dabbah

Continuing the series of inspection campaigns organized by the Al-Dabbah Local Security Committee in the markets and targeted areas, the Executive Director of Al-Dabbah locality, the Director of Al-Dabbah Police and the Commander of the 73rd Infantry Brigade of Al-Dabbah – The Dabbah garrison launched a major campaign targeting the southern areas of the locality, namely the market of the Qashabi region, the market of the region of Qanti, Al-Tadamon, the Mansurkti region market and some of the targeted areas, and they are also fighting. negative phenomena, chance and suppression of structures. This campaign brings together all the regular forces present in the locality, with an estimated number of officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, and the necessary resources in vehicles, vehicles, armored vehicles, weapons and ammunition, with the participation of administrative officers. Al-Dabbah and Solidarity units.

The Executive Director confirmed that this campaign took place after the required information was available to the local security cell, indicating that this campaign has consequences in the fight against sleeper cells and against anyone who dares to harm the security. security of the locality, emphasizing that these campaigns continue until the locality remains safe, and our forces will be on the lookout for anyone begging It could harm the security of this locality.

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