Law is the basis of political rebirth – Paths – ✍️ Dr Naglaa Hussein Al-Makabrabi

*Through our monitoring of the progress of the political project in Sudan, we see that it requires careful diagnosis and study, especially in light of the dialectic of religion, state and law. Hence a series of crucial questions on the subject. how to manage the government in Sudan according to the new post-war laws and legislations!!!? Religious identity is one of the important challenges, because we see that after the secession of the South, the identity has become purely Islamic, with the exception of a few immigrants since independence who carry different religious identities, this which resolves the dialectic of identity in the light of sociological pluralism!!

*Perhaps here I want to link the Sudanese political project in all its forms to the promulgation of laws and legislations and the extent of the importance of their presence in the organization of political, social, economic and other projects .

*This reminds me of ideological and partisan pluralism and the extent of its impact on the existence of laws that concern it, but it remains, in my view, a threat to the practice of the political process in light of the challenges of external pressures and colonial. Targeting Sudan. The West and the target used it in its war against Sudan. New rallies and formations appeared calling for an end to the war and others calling for resolving the enemy and standing up. With the armed forces, no laws have been promulgated. control the establishment of these formations and their number according to the political doses that society takes and what it needs to organize political projects, so that Sudan has a partisan and ideological connotation which is not useful, even dangerous, in my opinion, in which Sudan is sold on the slave market. Therefore, new laws must be put in place to regulate political life in Sudan, especially since there are experts and specialists called Lebanon, so that parties can contribute to the revival of politics in result. with the law.

May you live long 🌹

✍️Dr Naglaa Hussein Al-Makabrabi

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