Lessons in patriotism and manhood….. A gift to all traitors and agents..!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

*The figure of an Arab country denies one of its main opponents to a European country, and before landing at its airport, it was preceded by a crowd of media with its satellite channels, newspapers and radio stations radio, and he was invited to attack. the president of his country, so his response was 🙁 I don't insult the president of my country outside my country..) So the media crowd secretly returned with nostalgia..!!!*

*After the failure and dissipation of Fethullah Gülen's coup against Turkish President Erdogan, and the “strict” measures against the putschists that followed, America tried to “stick its nose” in this matter and received a decisive response from the leader of the opposition. at home, as he addressed America and said, “What is happening in Turkey? This is an issue that concerns only the Turks, and America must distance itself from it and not interfere in what does not concern it..) So I threw a stone at her and she remained silent ..!!

*US official told visiting Sudanese delegation: 'There are many opponents in America, including Sudanese, and none of them have asked us (to intervene) in any way whether in his country… Then he said sarcastically: (The Sudanese opponents are the only ones to have asked us to intervene militarily in their country against the regime of Omar al-Bashir..!!)*

*An Arab poet belonging to an Arab country described former President Numeiri as a “thug”. The late poet Abu Amna Hamed did not grab this poet's neck and “strangle” him and say to him: “I do not allow you to insult the president of my country because he represents the 'honor of the nation..!' … At that time, Abu Amna Hamed was one of the opponents of the Numeiri regime and one of its “wanted people”. traveled to this Arab country in which the argument took place between him and this Arab poet..!!

*Are you wondering if the shameless leaders of the agents heard about these incidents and if the so-called Omar Qamar al-Din knew about them when he (boasts) of inciting America against his homeland and says with all (impudence) that he will not apologize for his bad actions..?!! Or did the communist Al-Rashid Saeed, who stood up and declared that he would not allow Islamic rule in Sudan, heard about it?!! Or have (the clown) Wajdi Saleh and his (poor) companion Muhammad al-Faki heard about it, or have the rest of the shameless columns of losers who contribute to the “massacre” of their country with the knives rebellious bastards haven't heard of it? have you heard about it?!*

*These are lessons of patriotism that we place on their table, which has been afflicted by the (overabundance) of the foreign agenda. If only they could digest these lessons and feed them into the arteries of their stolen and absent heads..!!

*We will write and write…!!!*

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