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By appointing Ambassador Imad Adawi as Ambassador of Sudan to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Khartoum sent one of the members of the armed forces to Cairo Al-Muizz and Umm Al-Dunya, as its Egyptian residents like to call it.

Lieutenant General Imad Adawi is the first in his promotion and assumed the duties of the armed forces. He is therefore a person with abilities that qualify him to successfully manage the file of Sudanese-Egyptian relations. relations between Sudan and Egypt itself.

Official Egypt has always viewed with suspicion the rapid growth of the Rapid Support Forces during two opposing political eras. Egypt, which always prefers not to interfere in the internal affairs of any country, even if it is Sudan, which is its neighbor and whose national security is linked to Sudan, continued to follow the developments in the situation in Sudan, especially after the (departure of) the Bashir regime and the (increasing) influence of rapid (military) and (political) support.

But it appears that political Egypt viewed the Rapid Support Forces as unorganized military forces that did not adhere to the known controls that govern regular armies with professionalism and military doctrine.

The Egyptian President himself, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, said that at a time when Sudan was plunged into political and security “chaos” due to the policies of the Forces of Freedom and Change, the Egyptian President Al-Sisi declared on this subject: It is time for the Sudanese armed forces, accused of having Islamist tendencies, to be a thousand times better than closer forces… militias too.

Egypt remained in its position of supporting the armed forces even as the war in Sudan took on regional and international dimensions. This did not change Egypt's supportive position, despite the connection of its interests with the forces that have direct and indirect participation and support in this war. which takes place in Sudan.

When Egypt accepts diplomacy when it accepts Lieutenant General Imad Adawi as ambassador to Khartoum, this question perhaps has several connotations. The first of these connotations is that Egypt's acceptance of Adawi as ambassador signifies recognition of the ambassador, who holds a high military rank, and. of Sudan, which presented this ambassador as the first ambassador to Sudan after the outbreak of war. He is one of Egypt's officially recognized members of the armed forces.

The presence of an ambassador with the specifications of General Imad Adawi in Cairo could increase coordination between Sudan and Egypt, particularly in the area of ​​security, and this is the security file that both parties are waiting for to restore the stability and security in both countries.

The security issue itself has been discussed in meetings between the two countries in the past, with great caution, despite the threats weighing on both countries.

Lieutenant General Imad Adawi, who will be Sudan's ambassador to the Arab League, will advance this issue in its regional and international dimension, because Adawi will combine (military) and (diplomacy) language, especially since the scene requires a greater effort on the part of the ambassador and his colleagues to denounce the crimes committed by the supporting militias, to accompany this with a campaign of military forces to eliminate the remaining pockets of this rebellion, accompanied by a campaign that exposes these forces and the atrocities they have committed against Sudan and its people.

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