Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, Member of the Sovereign Council, welcomes the efforts and initiatives of the state government to activate economic and development work and attract investments.

The team congratulated Engineer Ibrahim Jaber, Member of the Sovereign Council and Supervisor of the Economic Sector, who praised the esteemed efforts and initiatives to activate economic and investment work. This happened during his meeting in his office in Port Sudan with Dr. Muhammad Al-. Badawi Abdel-Majed Abu Qarun, acting governor of the Nile.

Mr. Governor provided further clarification on the general situation in Nile State, particularly on the economic record and investments, development works and production. Mr. Governor said that the State has achieved high productivity in winter crops, particularly in winter crops. He revealed the state's plan to expand wheat cultivation as it is an important strategic crop in the country. The governor reviewed in detail the ongoing stages in the implementation of several major strategic projects. the most important of which is the expansion, development and modernization of the Atbara Airport to accommodate the movement of exports and imports in view of the large production of the state, which faces an obstacle to the commercialization, as well as the expansion and development of dry work. Atbara Port so that these projects contribute to the preparation of ships handed over to the State, Mr. Governor added that their efforts continue to focus on dry and refrigerated storage and the trend towards manufacturing industries and linkage of agriculture with industry to add. promote state products and contribute to the progress of the national economy and the balance of payments.

For his part, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber stressed the need to focus on the field of exports, promote the considerable capabilities and resources of the state and strive to open foreign markets, noting the importance to promote ready-to-use projects and present them to foreign investors. countries, including Turkey, China and Arab countries.

We note that the Federal Minister of Industry participated in part of the meeting and commended the efforts of the Nile government in advancing the reality of the industry and making serious efforts to link agriculture with industry and pay attention to industrial investment and benefit from capital and business. owners who were provided to the state in light of the current circumstances of the country.

Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber, Member of the Sovereign Council, commended the distinguished performance of the state government and its important role in accommodating a large number of arrivals in the state following the rebellion and in meeting their needs, as well as the serious efforts of the State in the field of development and services and ensuring the continuity of development projects and services despite the circumstances that cross the country, as well as respect for rights of state workers, payment of all salaries and optimal employment. resources, their correct orientation towards development and services, respect for rights and contribution to the security and stability of the country, as well as mobilization and mobilization programs.

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