Management and the Bitter Truth – The Blue Gem – ✍️ Dear Al-Khair

A bitter reality has appeared on the horizon from the various administrations. It is a painful reality that speaks of a certain exploitation of administrative work within the clubs under a cover that hides other dangerous activities that do not come to anyone's mind.

I sat down some time ago with one of the officials who currently holds a prestigious position, and we had a very long conversation about the secrets and mysteries of these administrators at club and federation level. The conversation was very shocking. Some are smuggling goods, and some are trading in people's livelihoods and very strange stories.

The first of these stories is about an administrator who, in three years, went from being a union member to a businessman with union money, FIFA dollars and facilities in the name of the union. This administrator continued to run the elections. He campaigns for the union in question, and he is responsible for buying votes, and he himself began to trade votes, waiting for lost time, and increasing the price of a vote to a fabulous sum of money. He wins votes, elections and money. He eats people's money, and then he finds thanks and praise for this role. Unfortunately, he became addicted to this work and became a unique school in buying debts and selling votes.

Some have reached positions they do not deserve and unfortunately, instead of thanking them, they fight for those who occupy key positions and insist on morally defeating them and psychologically killing them while they dance on the corpses of lions.

The documents are in place and as the election date approaches we will open the door to monitoring and follow-up and have the administrator looking for a lifeline, I mean a lifeline.

We will come back..

What is the story of the former president who refused to answer all calls? Does the former board member have dangerous files that he will reveal if relations do not improve? Very dangerous files….

What is the fate of the Disciplinary Commission meeting after everyone refused to comply with the decisions of the Federation?

With Sikafa, stories, anecdotes and secrets

Will FIFA take a decision to freeze the General Federation's funds?

Dear God

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