Marawi Local Executive Director Meets Voluntary Media System Delegation to Document Battle of Karama

The executive director of the locality of Merowe, Mr. Hassan Abdeen Manaha, met a delegation in his office last night.

The voluntary media system to document the battle for dignity, the locality visitor, led by the head of the system, Lieutenant General Dr. Omar Al-Nour.

In the presence of the Media and Programs Commission of the Higher Committee of Mobilization and Vigilance of the locality and the local media service.

The executive director of the locality welcomed the visit, emphasizing the full cooperation of the locality with the media system in the full accomplishment of its tasks.

For his part, the head of the media system for documenting the Battle of Karama explained: “This visit is part of the system's project to travel to the different states to meet the heads of military divisions, those responsible and the resistance popular to think about collecting and classifying documentation on the events and repercussions of the Battle of Karama and making it available to public opinion through different media.

In addition, the delegation of the media system responsible for documenting the battle for dignity, visiting the locality, held a similar meeting with the Media and Programs Commission of the Supreme Mobilization and Alert Committee of the locality, at during which coordination and joint cooperation were emphasized. in the spirit of a single team to ensure the success of the tasks of the media system.

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