Marches threaten safe areas in Sudan, a call for security and vigilance – a gesture for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Some safe areas of Sudan have recently witnessed suspicious marches from areas still under the control of the Rapid Support Forces. These marches, which follow the war against the rebellion of the Rapid Support militias and their chaotic chaos in the country. raise citizens’ concerns and threaten the stability of security zones.

It is important to emphasize that these marches in no way represent the will of the Sudanese people, but rather an attempt by hostile parties to sow discord and create a state of chaos, but we call on the security authorities to take all measures necessary We also call on citizens not to be drawn into these suspicious marches and not to spread rumors and false news to this effect. to create fear and confusion.

Securing security zones and protecting citizens is a shared responsibility that falls on everyone, from the government to security agencies and citizens, and we can only achieve this through cooperation, solidarity and national unity, and by discovering sleeping cells and fifth columns. Alongside these suspicious marches, due to growing fears of the presence of sleeper cells and enemy-affiliated operatives, are infiltrating safe areas to sow discord and create chaos. We call on security authorities to intensify intelligence efforts to uncover these sleeper cells and the fifth column. , and to hold accountable all those who threaten the security of the nation and the safety of citizens.

Sudan's enemies are well aware that the stability of the country depends to a large extent on the strength and cohesion of the armed forces. They therefore strive to sow discord and division among members of the armed forces, undermine their morale and weaken their ability to protect the country. country.

We call on members of the armed forces to be wary of the plans of their enemies, to maintain their unity and cohesion, and to place the interests of the nation above all considerations and of the people behind them, despite the threats of the marches ( or play, play), and despite the times of martyrdom and the suffering of the wounded.

Sudan is going through a difficult and sensitive phase which requires solidarity and national unity from all the inhabitants of the country. We call on everyone, the government, security agencies and citizens, to cooperate together to protect the country from its enemies and maintain it. its stability and security.

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