Men around the homeland – Chapter of the speech – ✍️ Othman Al-Balula


After the nation was caught in its current ordeal, eyes became dim, hearts reached the throat, and the character of men became evident in these difficult times. True positions emerged, and honest people emerged through their noble deeds and great sacrifices. Crises are intensifying to reveal to us the hidden strengths of the national people, who face difficulties with courage and determination, determined to restore the glory of their country and establish peace and stability for future generations.


As people rushed to find a safe exit, the Director of the General Intelligence Service, Lieutenant General Ahmed Ibrahim Mufaddal, stood in the face of the storm, aware of the enormity of the responsibility that rested on his shoulders. With composure and insight, he worked tirelessly to secure the country and protect its citizens, developing precise plans to deal with threats and directing efforts towards maintaining security and stability.


Amidst the chaos, the intelligence director was a safety valve, watching and following closely, and making decisive decisions at critical moments. His duties were not limited to field operations, but rather extended to coordinating with government agencies and international forces to ensure the achievement of the country's strategic objectives.


Under his firm leadership, fear turned into confidence and doubt into certainty. His eyes observed the entire scene and his ears listened to the whispers of the homeland, while his mind worked to analyze the information and make wise decisions. In those fateful moments, he worked tirelessly day and night, sacrificing his comfort. for the sake of the elevation and dignity of the homeland.


His firm stance in the face of crises and his wise leadership of the agency in the most difficult circumstances had a great impact in restoring confidence in the souls of citizens and consolidating trust in the state's ability to withstand and overcome challenges.

In this momentum, the director of intelligence services was the beating heart that set the pace for the efforts deployed, directing everyone towards a single objective: to preserve the nation, protect its security and stability and watch over its external interests.

We continue…

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