Military expert: The battle on the ground is over and continues in the media

Brigadier General Dr. Tariq Al-Hadi Kajab confirmed that the battle waged by rebel militias has ended on the ground and what remains is just a media movement led by newsrooms led by regional and international countries supporting the rebellion.

Brigadier General Tariq said at the Al Karama – Azza Watan Forum, General Administration of Culture and Information in Shindi, that foreign powers hostile to Sudan are trying to use the media, especially the networks social networks, in psychological warfare and by spreading rumors.

He stressed that rumors no longer last an hour or two at most because the sources of information have become multiple and the means of discovering rumors have become multiple.

He explained that this case has caused enemy media at home and abroad to suffer, as the level of awareness among target groups about this deceptive work carried out by these media has increased.

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