Minister of Agriculture, Darfur Region It is important to ensure food security

Port Sudan 7~9~2024 AD

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Darfur Regional Government said that it is important to ensure food security and the ministry is sparing no effort to achieve this goal through well-thought-out plans and programs.

He added: I have to address him today.

Seminar (Achieving Food Security in Emergency Situations)

Under the supervision of the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Darfur Regional Government, Mr. Salah Hamid Al-Wali, and honored by: Dr. Muhammad Bashar, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance for Planning, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Food. Security

Under the patronage of Darfur regional governor Minni Arko Minawi in the Red Sea state capital, the city was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In cooperation with the African Center for Governance, Peace and Transformation Studies, he indicated that this seminar was part of joint efforts with relevant organizations and bodies, in addition to the participation of officials specialized in agricultural affairs, stressing that cooperation with stakeholders is important for the advancement and development of the sector for an advanced and organized sector that contributes to achieving self-sufficiency through the safe use of natural resources in order to contribute effectively to national income and support the economy.

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