Minister of Health and Nile Governor inaugurate Sheikh Al-Badri Hospital and Al-Bawqa Health Center

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Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, and Nile Governor, Mohamed Al-Badawi, opened the Sheikh Al-Badri Hospital in Qadwab, a Berber locality, with a capacity of 120 beds, and provides medical services for accidents and injuries. They also opened the Al-Bawqa health center.

The Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, confirmed that the gaps needed by the hospital will be supplemented with devices and equipment, as one of the hospitals providing exemplary medical services, and that the ministry is committed to meeting all requirements with the state government so that it becomes a teaching hospital that provides health services to the citizens.

Haitham pointed out that during the war, five hospitals were opened on the Nile (Sheikh Al-Badri, Dar Mali, Al-Jikaika, Makkah and Riyadh Al-Saleheen), calling on the university administration to pay attention to research to find solutions to health concerns due to random mining in the state, including signing a memorandum of understanding with the university for training of health service personnel, development of treatment services and operations reconstruction and rehabilitation.

For his part, the Governor of Nile State, Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi said that despite the war, the reconstruction process continues, announcing support for the hospital in the amount of 30 million, for begin to fill the gaps in diagnostic equipment. He added that the hospital, with its staff and capabilities, will do this. achieve a major advance in services and that treatment is accessible to all citizens.

Al-Badawi noted their directive to all sectors of life to work in the service of the citizen, emphasizing the absorption of those who come to the state in all specializations and working to benefit from its expertise.

For his part, Dr. said: Amal Al-Majzoub, Director General of the State Ministry of Health, said that the hospital provides health services to citizens. She called what was accomplished a success and added that the existing medical staff is the best.

In another context, the Federal Minister-designate, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim, during the inauguration today of the Al-Bawaqa Health Center, with what was provided by the popular effort in the health sector of the country, emphasizing the willingness of communities and associations to participate and cooperate with the Ministry of Health to provide medical and therapeutic services, and to the importance of expanding the circle of services through health centers to provide services basic health care.

The minister, very concerned about the qualitative work aimed at contributing to the localization of the treatment of citizens, expressed his thanks to the residents of the Al-Bouqa region and committed to filling the gaps, in addition to the second project of the center (rehabilitation of the maternity and child service), emphasizing that the center reduces the burden of large hospitals and provides basic health care services, emphasizing that efforts to operate the Al-Bawaqa North health center began before the war.

For his part, the Acting Governor of Nile State, Mohamed Al-Badawi, confirmed that the Al-Bawqa North Health Center is one of the services that the region needs, noting that the works constitute a basic element for providing medical care and therapeutic services to patients.

The governor commended the efforts of the local community, the State Department of Health and the local community, working in an effective partnership, noting that it is imperative that they complete what has been accomplished. He added that we advise the center to do so. supported by a monthly share of medicines.

For her part, the State Minister of Health, Dr. Amal Al-Majzoub said that the center provides services to residents of the region and the main objective is for citizens to receive the service close to their place of residence.

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