Minister of Industry: Reveals that the industrial sector has been completely destroyed in Khartoum and Gezira states

The Ministry of Industry revealed that the industrial sector has been subjected to total and systematic destruction, particularly in Khartoum and Gezira states, with losses amounting to over 90%, as it has been subjected to total and partial destruction, and acts of theft and looting, categorically not completing the inventory of affected factories after the outbreak of war, also revealed the effects of a long-lasting disaster. A large number of factories and industrial facilities were destroyed. , and 912 industrial facilities in Gezira State were destroyed, and the disastrous effects affected other states, in terms of concentration of 80% of industries in Khartoum State.

Today Saturday, the preparatory workshop for the Conference on the Reconstruction and Development of Sudanese Industry began, under the slogan “Advanced and Sustainable Industry”, and under the patronage of a member of the Sovereignty Council, the Lieutenant General Engineer Ibrahim Jaber. will be held to discuss the working papers and recommendations of the Conference on Reconstruction and Development of Industry in Sudan, at the Burj Hall of Social Security in Port Sudan, and will continue until tomorrow Sunday.

Acting Federal Minister for Industry Mahasen Ali Yaqoub said his ministry is working hard with states to prepare industrial zones and encourage domestic and foreign investors, providing them with investment land at reasonable prices, emphasizing that the ministry has developed a plan and a map. To restore what was destroyed by the war, many domestic and foreign investors have launched their investment moves in the Red Sea, Kassala, Gedaref, Nile and Northern States, to establish food and pharmaceuticals, factories and plants. She added that the conference aims to develop a roadmap and recommendations to propose an important vision for the reconstruction of the industrial sector, and that four working documents will be presented: industry, investment, reconstruction.

For her part, Federal Minister of Investment Ahlam Hasabi Al-Rasoul said that the ministry is working to amend and encourage the Investment Law in order to attract investments and investors and advance the industrial sector, hoping that the problems of the industrial sector will be presented at the summit. conference which will be held on the 15th and 16th of the year, and she added that we count on these workshops to advance in the industrial sector and develop radical solutions to the sector's problems.

The workshop discussed working papers dealing with industrial investments, industrial outlook, industrial opportunities and reconstruction of the industrial sector, in addition to financial partnership and financing policies, presented by specialists and with the participation of a number of specialists and people interested in the issue of industry and investment. In addition to the conference working documents, the challenges facing the industry and proposals for reconstruction and development will be discussed in the presence of official bodies and factory stakeholders.

The industry paper dealt with reality and prospects, presented by Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Saleh,

The Minister of Culture and Information was the official government spokesperson, Dr. Graham Abdel Qader said in previous statements that 3,193 industrial facilities in Khartoum were destroyed and looted, along with 100,000 commercial facilities , in addition to significant losses in the poultry and agricultural sectors.

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