Minister of Justice: file charges before international courts against all those who committed crimes against the Sudanese people

Minister of Justice Muawiyah Othman confirmed that his ministries continue to reform the judicial system and reform laws and legislation to establish justice and the rule of law.

He said during his meeting with the Commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, General Hamdan Abdul Qadir Dawoud, at the start of his visit to Shendi locality, that the state leadership at its highest levels supports all the measures taken by the Ministry of Justice in the process of reform of laws and legislation.

The minister revealed that they were in the process of filing complaints before international, European and American courts against anyone who committed a crime against the Sudanese people.

The Minister of Justice said that during his visit to Geneva before last Ramadan, he refuted all the accusations made against Sudan during the attack on the country by this brutal force.

He added that he refuses to equate the armed forces with aggressive force, and that the armed forces are based on legitimacy and constitutionality and are responsible for protecting the country from any aggression.

For his part, the Commander of the Third Infantry Division, Major General Hamdan Abdul Qadir Daoud, called for reforming the legislation and laws that were affected by sinners during the previous period of change.

He called for justice to be done for the crimes committed by the evil hand against the people of Sudan, including murder, looting, robbery and rape, and for each criminal to receive the punishment appropriate to the scale of his crime, and for justice to be done. to be awarded to every oppressed person and for the restoration of the rights of its people.

The commander of the Third Division affirmed his confidence in the justice and security services which are working to restore the rights of the people.

The Minister of Justice held a meeting with the security committee in Shindi locality, as well as another meeting with employees of the Minister of Justice in Shindi.

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