Minister of the Interior…Director General of the Police Forces…The struggle of powers and powers ✍️ Muhammad Othman Al-Radi

According to the Police Act, all powers and powers are monopolized by the Director General of the Police Force.

The functions of the Minister of the Interior include only the general supervision of the police forces (general supervision).

The functions of the Minister of the Interior are to formulate public policies and to be the link between him and the Council of Ministers, and he is responsible for extracting funds from the Ministry of Finance.

The Minister of the Interior, General Ma'ash Khalil Pasha Sayrin, in charge of the customs police, took office and began his work. However, he was surprised that all the powers and powers were monopolized by the Director General of the Police Force and by. the law, I repeat, by the law.

Despite the exceptional circumstances the country is experiencing, the Minister of the Interior is determined to withdraw all its rights without any loss. It is expected that changes will be made to the Police Act so that all its powers and authorities are restored. to the minister, just as changes were made to certain articles of the law on the national security and intelligence service.

The Minister of the Interior, Major General of the Ma'ash Customs Police, Khalil Pasha Sairin, is a very strong and very stubborn personality. He does not agree to be Minister of the Interior (Tamouma Jartaq). the full meaning of the word minister, otherwise he will leave his position, dear and honorable.

In the coming days, fundamental changes are expected to be made to all police records, through referrals to senior police officers and the appointment of a new police management body.

The structure and independence of the police leadership hierarchy and the subordination of certain forces, customs, prisons, wildlife and civil protection directly to the Ministry of the Interior, are considered the real beginning of the fundamental changes that will follow, I repeat, will follow. .

Based on the recommendation of the Minister of the Interior, it is expected that a decision will be taken by the President of the Sovereignty Council to appoint a Director General of the Police Force, in addition to relieving the members of each corps of police administration with the rank of lieutenant general. This is part of the usual pattern police forces witness during dismissals, promotions and transfers.

Certainly, the next Director General of the Police Forces will be chosen with great care and will combine strength of personality and independence of decision, in addition to his great acceptance by the members of the Sovereignty Council.

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