Ministry of Education and Guidance Our Lord has forbidden injustice against himself and made it forbidden for our children ✍️ Saad Al-Safir

Since Mr. Mustafa Hassan Musa took over the leadership of this ministry, we have seen only noise with which education has nothing to do, and he has not deigned to visit the locality even once of Al-Salam, although it is one of the localities affected by the problem. the interest of the organizations that supported the refugees and the host community, supporting those who do not fear poverty, and all this support is only after God. Thank you to the localities of Al-Salam and Al-Jabalin, for our efforts and our follow-up. This ministry did not provide a single carton of chalk to the locality of Al-Salam, and the minister did not deign to visit it or even care about the continuation of education. On the contrary, others around him sought to create a state of instability in the locality. local educational services.

Foreign organizations did not support the state just to blacken its eyes, as we started and when we gave our land to refugees for free, land in exchange for development, and there was no negligence from foreign and local organizations, but negligence It was only on the part of the minister and his group. They are the ones who took the state from nine localities to just 3, meaning that all of the department's responsibilities are local only. The question is how many local directors of Al Salam have been deprived of this. grant that was originally given to Al Salam and Al Jabalin, but for us it is selective sabotage, deprivation and systematic sabotage, and all the local schools are collapsed, or some of the classrooms credited for their construction go to Petroleum or the Rawat Petroleum Company.

Minister of Education, what is the share of Al-Salam local schools in this grant?

If this is the way you manage the affairs of the ministry, you must take control of this ministry today before tomorrow, and make room for others who can change it.

Peace be upon you, before you took over this ministry, it was marginalized, but you have made the darkness even darker, and we will not remain silent until full justice is achieved so so that education in the region can progress.

We demand immediate change from the governor, starting with the Department of Education and Logistics, through city planning and certain executive directors. The eyes of cowards, all of us, have not slept.

We have the right to return until all rights are returned

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