Ministry of Health: Launches Smart Platform for Kidney Patients… and Installs 100 Free Blood Dialysis Machines

The Minister of Health: announces the start of kidney transplant operations at the Red Sea Center and a second dialysis center in Suakin.

Dr. Haitham: Kidney patients are suffering from difficult conditions due to ongoing travel.

Minister of Health: We are studying the possibility of sending air to deliver medicines to Damazin.

Port Sudan: Muhammad Mustafa

The Federal Ministry of Health launched the “National Center for Kidney Diseases and Surgery”, the first smart platform of its kind for patients with kidney diseases, coinciding with the launch of the installation of 100 free hemodialysis machines, from the Red Sea State, with the honor of the Federal Ministers of Health and Communications, at the Kidney Diseases and Surgery Center in Port Sudan while the Federal Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Red Sea State, is making arrangements to open a second dialysis. The number of patients suffering from kidney failure has reached more than eight thousand patients suffering from kidney failure, while the number of kidney transplant recipients has reached more than 4,500 farmers. .

While the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Muhammad Ibrahim announced the launch of kidney transplant operations at the Red Sea Center at a cost of more than $1 million, stressing that the project will help localize kidney transplant operations in the country and contribute to keeping medical personnel active. He added that kidney patients suffer from difficult conditions due to displacement. He added that the ministry is working to draw attention to other chronic diseases, such as cancer patients, and their number is large. The Vistula program is a service program and the tent project to install 100 patients can be expanded, and any patient can be admitted even if its number reaches 200 patients and the Ministry It will take care of any other preparation, and any kidney patient who needs a Vestula facility will not be turned away.

Haitham called for the Vistula tent program to include tents for tumor, cleft lip and heart patients.

The minister revealed arrangements to increase the share of medicines from Blue Nile State, especially medicines for chronic diseases and emergency medicines, and send them by air, noting that the ministry's strategy is to fill the gaps and seek other ways to provide medical aid to the state in light of the disruption of the roads leading to it.

For his part, the Minister of Communications, Engineer Adel Hassan, said that his ministry is using it with the Ministry of Health to digitize all the work of the ministry, and that the smart platform project is one of the electronic projects that contribute to the registration of kidney patients and restricting their treatment, by registering their data in a comprehensive registry.

In the same context, the Director General of the Ministry of Health in the Red Sea State, Dr. Ahlam, according to the Messenger, said that the workers of the Ministry of Health responded to the public work during this difficult period, with full confidence in continuing medical services and providing them, especially kidney treatment and dialysis services, stressing that the workers of the dialysis center in Port Sudan responded to this work and the best medical personnel were recruited to lead the work under the leadership of Dr. Dalia Al-Taher.

Ahlam thanked the Federal Ministry of Health for its continued support to the Kidney Center and other health activities in the state.

In this context, the Director of the General Administration of Pharmacy and Free Healthcare at the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Najm Al-Din Al-Majzoub said that the smart platform project, worth 15 to 20 million pounds, was carried out free of charge by Engineer Abu Bakr Al-Taif, and the cost of the vestula process amounts to 20 million pounds and is installed free of charge for the patient, stressing that the efforts of the workers of the Federal Ministry of Health did not stop before and during the war, and he added that the project was presented to him by the workers of the Kidney Center in Port Sudan and the Minister of Health immediately approved it and supported the project. He went on to say that the number of patients with kidney disease exceeded eight thousand patients and the number of kidney transplants exceeded four thousand five hundred transplanters.

In the same context, the Director of the Red Sea Dialysis Center, Dr. Dalia Al-Taher, said that the center has about fifty patients and can accommodate more than 100 patients for weekly dialysis sessions, pointing out that the number of people registered for the installation of a vestomy has reached 74 patients, and there are 26 patients who have not yet started dialysis. She added: We thank the Federal Ministry of Health for its continued support to the center, especially the installation of 100 free pianos.

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