Moral guidance and military information, intensification and support ✍️ Elias Abdel Rahman

Despite the distance, which no longer affects much

We have stayed since the moment Major General Colonel was announced

Dr. Mamoun Abdel Raouf, director of the General Administration of Orientation and Information of the Armed Forces, and the very numerous and generous delegation which included Engineer Lieutenant-Colonel Muhammad Dharar, Director of Armed Forces Radio, and the Lieutenant Colonel Rashid Musa, head of psychological services. war in the administration.

In addition to Major Mubarak Yahya, editor-in-chief of the Armed Forces newspaper, and First Lieutenant Al-Tayeb Al-Hafez.

A very high-ranking delegation was expected earlier to provide more moral support and additional doses to the media.

Indeed, Colonel Hafez Fath al-Rahman, director of the Department of Military Information and Moral Guidance of the Third Infantry Division, remained very attached to the communication and close coordination between the large delegation and the Media Association and the Department of Media and Culture. and communications in the locality, and perhaps the locality leaders were represented by the Executive Director, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar al-Sheikh, who first received the delegation in his office at the Local Diwan.

Who always remained really open to the media and media agencies because of his great awareness of what a media is, and truth be told, it was he who supported the media in the locality and made it rise at the top of the distinguished delegation. who represents the highest level of media and moral leadership within the General Command of the People's Armed Forces, enjoyed the pleasure of the executive director and was briefed on all the big and small things of the biggest media resistance of which Shindi has been the starting point. , thanks to the concentration of the media present and the high-level coordination sponsored by the fact between the Association of Media Professionals of Shindi and the cooperation and the Department of Media, Culture and Communications of the region of a share, and between themselves and the military media and moral councils of the 3rd Infantry Division.

The truth of this close coordination as a whole is the birth and creation of the healing and connecting media that Shendi held up as a model for Nile as a state and for the rest of the states. Maybe the diversity and spread of media was true. not only media directed against the enemy, but all types of media and culture were present to activate and direct society and create initiatives that were loyal to it. The most important role lies in the consistency of the media message that serves to mobilize and refute. rumors

It also targets the transfer of local service businesses, and perhaps the continuation of these businesses also plays a major role in the self-confidence that is increasing every day among the citizens of Shendi and Nile State.

To tell the truth, the meeting, which we followed live and directly via the eminent media colleague, member of the association

A member of the 3rd Infantry Division Moral Orientation and Military Media Team, he rose from the 3rd Division to Executive Director of the Shendi locality and concluded with an expanded meeting with media professionals under the banner of the unique Al Karama Forum, which has facts prevail to expand the reach of media and moral advice, refute lies and fabricated news and send messages.

From the former senior leaders working in the armed forces and Shendi University, in addition to the local government, the Media Association and the Ministry of Culture and Media, and indeed, the media of the Third Infantry division remained the main link. .

There is another surprise coming that will cause a major outcry and unprecedented impact in the mobilizing, awareness-raising and moral media.

Thus, the Karama Forum platform is a project for the Gabu homeland and media, and it was founded and established a basic pillar for its document, which, as the director of the Moral Orientation Department called it, Major General Mamoun Abdel Raouf, because, should be exported throughout the country, starting with the entire Nile State. We announce, as a party in the local chamber of Shendi, and the leadership of the forum, and I mean the Media Association, that we are ready for this sound. Excellence says it's true. The brigade is a reality, and there is no doubt that the other two parts are the local Information and Culture Department and the Moral Orientation Department of the 3rd Infantry Division, which is highly prepared . The three parties agreed, from the first day of the inauguration, that the Dignity Forum is for the homeland.

The mission of the Al Karama Forum is based on raising awareness, mobilizing human energies and implementing all efforts to preserve the dignity of the Sudanese person.

Overall, thanks to the Executive Director of Shendi Locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, to you, Colonel Hafez, and your strong leadership, and to you, Mr. Alam Al-Din Musa.

The local district Department of Media, Culture and Communications and all administration employees. And my thanks to Rajaa Al-Nuwairi, who today heads the Khartoum Media Association in Shindi, as well as to the executive board and members. of the association which is always faithful.

His Excellency Major General Mamoun, may God protect you and grant success to the media professionals of my country in all their specialties

And their roles and tools, and perhaps the majority recognizes the honor of belonging as a reality with a moral orientation at the time, in the mid-90s, and cooperation with the Armed Forces newspaper, which was a mole and a sign, as is the case today. brilliant, when the then colonel, Dr. Abdul-Azim Nour al-Din, came shortly before the mid-90s, as a barricade to edit it. We were writing from the depths.

The radio itself was launched from the same building that housed the newspaper

And the love continues

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