Musa Hilal is surprised by those who talk about fighting the State of 56

Sheikh Musa Hilal, head of the Awakening Council, was surprised by the calls for rebellion to fight the 56th state, pointing out that these people do not know what the 56th state is, which represents the symbols of Sudan, such as the Al- Azhari leader, Al-Mahjoub, Abdullah Khalil and other symbols of Sudanese patriots who fought colonialism and achieved stability, pioneers of independence.

Addressing a large popular crowd in the Abu Sam area, Sheikh Musa reiterated his support for the armed forces and that the homeland must be defended with all might, noting that a large number of stakeholders in Darfur have told him stressed the importance of working to preserve the state until stability is achieved and peace prevails.

Sheikh Musa denounced some of the negative practices practiced by some members of the rebellion in the Gharra region, based on the Quran and its teachings, but some have started practicing things that cannot be accepted. This is why we are going to work on this. fight them and fight all those who contribute to spreading indecency in all our regions.

He stressed that the unity of the ranks and the strengthening of the social fabric are important, stressing that they welcome those who support the Awakening Council or those who do not agree with it, because it is a question of homeland and Sudan is the country of all of us.

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