Nationality and tribe – signals – ✍️ Rashid Abdul Rahim

The Arab tribes of Darfur, led by the Rizeigat, including the Mahamid and the Atawa, constitute the base and core of the Rapid Support Forces.

This doesn't mean the entire tribe benefits from Fast Support, but the majority of them do.

The civilian administrative system in Darfur relies on the supervision of all Rizeigat supervisors with prompt support.

An unfortunate reality, but one that must be addressed and understood.

The reasons for the continuation of the war cannot be ignored: the human resources of the Rapid Support Forces throughout Sudan, notably in Khartoum and the Gezira, come from members of the Rizeigat tribe and other tribes of the rebellion.

The fight against the rebellion is based on their claims, including that power and wealth in Sudan belong to the 56th state, which they say includes Shendi, Khartoum, Dongola and all of northern Sudan.

It is impossible to stop the war through negotiation as long as the rebels cling to this erroneous concept.

If they do not correct their misconceptions, there will be no way to stop the war other than through military victory.

The path to peace is to face the facts and deal with them forcefully and without hesitation.

If the government considers that one of the remedies is to revise the Sudanese citizenship of the rebel tribes, it must do so without hesitation or fear.

The Arab tribes of Darfur are distributed throughout West Africa.

Our rebellion in Sudan was supported by ministers and ambassadors from Chad and by soldiers among them who participated in the war.

Sudanese citizenship is not for all Riziqi, but rather for Sudanese Riziqi, whether they are in the armed forces, Rapid Support or the general public.

If he is Rapid Support, he fights and kills if he does not lay down his arms, and anyone accused of rebellion and war will be judged fairly. As for the fear of seeing Sudanese citizenship again, it is unjustified.

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