Nidal Othman writes: Coffee in the presence of Qubati

As part of our inspection tour in the locality of Merowe, our corridor is the Abou Doum base, and we met with the deputy operations commander of the 19th Infantry Division of Merowe and Mustafarin personnel who work day and night to secure the State and its borders. . We took stock of the overall situation, accompanied by my colleague Saber Al-Hajj. The tour explained to us and confirmed that the locality is safe. We drank coffee at the base, accompanied by Commander Qabbati, who explained in detail the history of the suicide marches that targeted the airport. We were sure of everyone's vigilance. security services, working with great sensitivity, monitor and track any foreign object in the locality or sleeper cell. We were assured that the locality is guarded by strong men. Intelligence works with a high degree of awareness according to a precise strategy. plans, and Qabbati told us that the marches targeting the airport were suicide marches, fiber bombs that run on regular gasoline and have primitive memory and can be launched from anywhere, but the Jamming devices and antidote devices dealt with them, and we learned the direction from which they came. We talked and he showed us his vision in the targeting marches, and we agreed with his opinion that we expect it to be targeting of aircraft, particularly of agricultural highlands, which has a direct impact on the progress of operations. operations. Commander Qabbati, despite the insomnia and anxiety in which he found himself and his careful monitoring, smiles and reassures everyone and stands in the center with his soldiers. God bless the men of Marawi, from where the war began and was the beginning. of the end for the militia.

We inspected the Marawi vegetable market, which is operating at full capacity and life is going on normally. We interviewed a number of traders, sellers and itinerant Al-Farisha, who said they carried out their daily work to earn a normal living. They honored us by welcoming us full of juice and water, and confirmed their solid position behind the armed forces and behind the leadership of the 19th Division. He said the Marawi man was conscious and aware of the rumors and psychological warfare.

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