Nil: Decisions appointing the heads of the popular mobilization and resistance committees in the state and localities

Nile Governor Mohamed El-Badawi Abdel-Majed issued a decision appointing members of the state committee for popular mobilization and resistance, as well as heads of local committees for popular mobilization and resistance.

The decision appointed the members of the State Committee for Popular Mobilization and Resistance, General Staff (M) Taj al-Din Ahmed al-Zein as chairman, General Staff (M) Hassan Awad al-Karim Muhammad Amer as deputy chairman, General Staff (M) Abdel-Mutala Abu al-Qasim Mahmoud as member and rapporteur, and Al-Taher Al-Misbah Al-Makki, chairman of the Finance Subcommittee, member, Ali Muhammad Ali Abu Bakr, chairman of the Civil Support, Mobilization and Mobilization Subcommittee, member, heads of local resistance committees, member, General Staff Colonel Muhammad Taher, chairman of the Armament Subcommittee, member, head of the General Security and Intelligence Service, head of the Communication and Coordination Subcommittee, member The decision. authorized The Committee may request the assistance of any person it deems appropriate to achieve its objectives

The decision appointed the heads of the popular mobilization and resistance committees in the localities of the state, Major General (M) Makki Ahmed Hamid, from the locality of Al-Damer, Major General (M) Essam Al-Din Ahmed Al-Faki, from the locality of Atbara, Major General (M) Moatasem Muhammad Hamid Al-Jamri, locality of Shindi, Major General (M) (Kamal al-Din Omar Muhammad Babikr, locality of Barbar, Division Staff (M) Khalaf Allah al-Hussein Nayel, locality of Al-Mattama, Major General Staff (M) Shihab al-Din Othman Ismail, locality of Abu Hamad, General Staff (M) Hassan Ibrahim Muhammad al-Badawi, locality of Al-Buhaira.

The head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued a structure for the formation of popular mobilization and resistance committees, according to which popular resistance committees would be formed in states and localities, and the governor of the Northern State had issued a decision appointing the heads of the popular mobilization and resistance committees in his state and localities.

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