Nile Governor Addresses Briefing on Atbara Airport Expansion and Development

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Acting Governor of Nile, confirmed that the Atbara Airport Expansion and Development Project is considered one of the major strategic projects of the state. The General Secretariat of the State Government in Al-Damir during the comprehensive meeting which brought together leaders of mining and cement companies, travel and tourism agencies and business owners, with the presence and participation of engineer Salah Ali Karkaba, Minister of Production and Economic Resources. , Chairman of the Supreme Operations Committee of Atbara Airport, Engineer Samir Saeed, Minister of Infrastructure and Urban Planning of the State, Mr. Othman Muhammad Othman, General Secretary of the State Government , Engineer Abdel Wahab Ahmed Muhammad, Director of Atbara Airport, and Mr. Fath al-Rahman Ghattas, Director of the State General Information Administration.

The governor stressed the importance of the participation of the entire Nile State community, so that the first concern of every citizen and person is the River Nile, as well as all major businesses and economic institutions in the state , businessmen. and businessmen and travel and tourism agencies, for the importance of the project and its role in stimulating economic and social activity, stressing that the project will have numerous consequences, particularly in terms of travel movements. export and import and marketing of state products. , which suffer from a recession during the production seasons, dominated by potatoes and onions, in addition to fruits. The governor commended the Zadna Company for starting to work with all its might to complete the rehabilitation, development and expansion project.

Engineer Salah Ali Karkaba, Minister of Production and State Economic Resources and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Rehabilitation of the Airport, reviewed the results of the meeting of the Supreme Committee for the Rehabilitation of the airport and the measures taken, announcing the implementation of the Great Operation for the construction of the airport next Wednesday with the participation of all sectors and activities of the State, economic entities and institutions, businesses, owners of funds and workers, noting the great response of the citizens of the state and their response to the airport project

Engineer Samir Saeed, Minister of Infrastructure and Urban Planning, spoke of the urban renaissance that the creation of the airport will bring about, stressing that the State has begun to properly organize the implementation of the accompanying projects. the creation of the airport, the most important of which is the paving of roads and the provision of services.

Mr. Othman Mohamed Othman, Secretary General of the State Government, highlighted the great interaction of all to carry out this important strategic project.

Engineer Abdul Wahab Ahmed, Director of Atbara Airport, reviewed the technical aspects and size of the airport, emphasizing that they were starting from where the world left off in this area and that They wanted to keep pace with the development so that Atbara Airport would become one of the international airports. airports and accompanied all those who would contribute to getting the most out of the creation of the airport.

Mr. Fath al-Rahman Ghattas, Director of the General Department of State Information and member of the Supreme Committee for the Airport Mission, highlighted the importance of this project, which he described as strategic and vital for the Sudan in general and He reviewed their efforts in the media to raise awareness, enlighten and preach the importance of the project and urged everyone to participate in its implementation and enforcement.

The leaders of the companies and agencies present confirmed their full availability to participate in the implementation of the project

Everyone was assured to expedite the completion of the airport expansion and development works so that the citizens and people of Nile, the state and Sudan at large can enjoy its benefits.

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