Nile Governor inaugurates Nafrat Al-Takhi program for zakat in Al-Damer locality. He appreciates the efforts and initiatives of zakat in Al-Damer and calls them a model.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun, Governor of Nile, praised the appreciated and important efforts of the Zakat Office in Al-Damer locality. This happened during the inauguration at the office headquarters in Al-Damer of Nafrat Al. -Project Takhi program, organized by the Office at a cost exceeding 30 billion pounds and covering more than three thousand families from the poor segments and vulnerable, in the presence and participation of members of the State Security Committee, Dr. Tahani Mirghani Abdel. Hafeez, Minister of Social Affairs of the state, Dr. Yahya Al-Qamrawi, Secretary General of Zakat in the state, and a number of state and zakat leaders in the state.

The governor affirmed that the Zakat office in Al-Damer locality is considered a model and example at the country and state levels in terms of efficiency, programs and projects and in terms of concerns fundamental community issues. He congratulated all the executives and staff of the office. in Al-Damer, which works with dedication, sincerity, impartiality and sound planning, the governor expressed deep satisfaction over the distinguished performance of the Zakat office in the state and its efforts. The governor added that these projects and programs are insurance. the zakat payer that his money goes to those who deserve it. The governor noted that the state is moving strongly towards development and service projects in the state, and major projects are being implemented in the state, including the expansion and development of Atbara . Airport, as well as the expansion of the dry port, in addition to the opening of many institutions, the health sector in this period, which exceeds 5 large hospitals and a number of health centers, and the governor's club on the need for unity. ranks and speeches and stay away from differences in order to preserve the country and its resources.

Dr. Tahani Mirghani Abdel Hafeez, Minister of Social Affairs of the State, expressed his deep gratitude to the Zakat Office of the State and Al-Dahmer locality, especially for the contributions they continued to brought during the previous period. She emphasized cooperation and cooperation. coordination between the ministry and Zakat in order to reach all vulnerable and targeted segments, and announced a number of special programs for expatriates in the state in the wake of the rebellion.

Dr. Yahya Al-Qamrawi, Secretary General of the Zakat Office in the state, praised the distinguished performance of the Zakat Office in Al-Damer locality and affirmed his full support for all projects and programs of the Office in the locality in gratitude for his efforts and excellence. He announced major upcoming projects, God willing, which will benefit the weak and targeted segments.

Mr. Osama Majzoub Babakir Al-Labib, Executive Director of Al-Damer locality, praised the performance of the Zakat office in the locality and said that we in the locality are proud and proud of this performance and of this commendation to the state government under the leadership of the governor, for the distinguished performance of the Zakat office in the locality.

Mr. Talha, secretary of the Zakat office in the locality of Al-Damer, indicated that the Nafrat Al-Taakhi program covers accommodation centers for state expatriates, interior offices, prison national, the second tranche of health insurance, dialysis patients, and basic examinations.

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