Nile Governor meets Federal Government Undersecretary and Undersecretary confirms that Nile State has become a model and example for the rest of the states in the country.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdul Majid Abu Qarun met with the Nile Governor in charge of the Federal Government Ministry Headquarters in Port Sudan. He met with Professor Moaz Abdullah Bilal, First Undersecretary of the Federal Government Office, Port Sudan. the presence and participation of a certain number of leaders of the Office.

At the start of the meeting, Mr. Governor provided further clarification on the overall performance of the State at all levels and the steps the State is taking to advance the reality of the State in various areas and improve the process of development and services as well as the future prospects of the State. the State in the field of investment and stimulation of economic activity in the State and the issue of guaranteeing and achieving food security for the entire country, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances that our country is going through. The Governor indicated that the Ministry and the Government. Federal government offices are considered the main gateway to the states and the mission of the federal ministry is to facilitate communication between states to exchange experiences, expertise and knowledge and benefit from plans and ideas for the revival, development, progress and growth of the nation. and to emphasize the unity of ranks among all people of a nation, especially in light of the great conspiracy and plan carried out by enemies and agents at home and abroad to fragment the State of Sudan , seize its resources and modify the population map. demographics of the country in favor of other groups.

On his part, the Federal Undersecretary commended the interaction of the government, citizens and people of Nile State with the problems and concerns of the nation and the sense of responsibility towards each. The State has provided the model and example in terms of reception. those who arrived in the state following the rebellion events in large numbers and the models of solidarity and compassion exhibited by the citizens and people of the Nile and its government, explaining that the state received many ministries and federal institutions to start their work from Nile State and provide their services to all the people of Sudan, welcoming the assumption by the Nile State government of the cost of hosting these institutions. He also conveyed the greetings and appreciation of the Federal Minister of Federal Governance for the same. efforts, emphasizing that they in the office view with all appreciation and admiration the experience of the River Nile State government in handling this crisis and working to keep the wheel of work running and continuity development projects and services, and what happened in the mobilization, mobilization, armed popular resistance and structuring of popular armed resistance to ensure the supply and improvement of work in order to defend the homeland , land and honor, as well as the state's initiative to dissolve previous administrative committees, form new committees and published a list of works for these committees to ensure their control. He added that all these initiatives were transferred to the states, which benefited and followed their path, and he announced an upcoming visit to the state with all the heads of offices for the continuation. coordination between the office and the state in order to advance the works and activate the twinning role between the states and transfer the successful experiences and expertise to achieve the revival and development of the nation and keep pace .

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