Nile Governor meets Minister of Energy, Petroleum and Bshariat regarding improvement of electricity in the state

Following the meetings led by Dr. Muhammad Al-Badawi Abdel-Majed Abu Qarun, Nile Governor in charge of the administrative capital of Port Sudan, he met with Dr. Mohieddin Naeem Muhammad Saeed, Minister of Energy and Oil. , at the ministry's headquarters.

The governor reviewed in detail the scale of the state's actual electricity needs in light of the expansion the state is witnessing, especially in the area of ​​investments and investment plans in Umm Al-Tuyour , Al-Hudi and South Shendi, and the entry of many major industries and factories into the state, in addition to the expansion of residential areas, and what the state is suffering from despite the efforts of the National Administration of electricity, particularly in Ali. In the locality of Al-Buhaira, measures have been taken. started to introduce electricity there to spread it to the rest of the locality, which delayed the arrival of electricity, I salute the sacrifices of Al-Manasir and the population of Al-Buhaira so that all the Sudanese population can benefit from electricity, as well as the suffering of the localities of Al-Damer, Atbara, Berber, Shendi and Al-Mutamma due to the weakness of the electric current in certain areas and the fluctuation of electricity in many cities.

On his part, Dr. Mohieldin Naeem, Minister of Energy and Petroleum, lauded the efforts and initiatives of the state government under the leadership of the governor in various areas, particularly in attracting investments and stimulating economic activity through the creation of industrial companies. and cities that need energy and electricity as basic services. The federal minister promised a number of projects that will help solve the energy and power problem in Nile State once and for all in the near future, God willing. he announced an agreement with the North Cement Company to benefit from the surplus solar energy estimated at 54 megawatts and include it in the conversion station in the Al-Muqrin area in Al-Damir to contribute to the stability of the Electricity workers in the towns of Al-Damir and Atbara also indicated that there are treatments. The Al-Muqrin converter station will contribute to the stability of electricity in different regions of the state, in addition to solving the electricity problem of Shendi by providing a large transformer, in addition to the agreement to establish a large solar power station in the state, which will help solve the electricity problem and ensure complete stability of electricity in all regions and cities of the state, God willing wants, he added that Nile State is. She now receives a large number of people arriving following the events of the rebellion. She needs everyone to stand with her to ease the enormous burden the state is carrying in providing services to the citizens and people of the state. to expatriates, he stressed that they will not rest until the electricity problem in Nile State is resolved.

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