Nile Information Minister Praises Shindi Media's Role in Maintaining the Home Front and Supporting the Armed Forces

The Minister of Culture, Information and Communications of Nile State, Mr. Mustafa Mohamed Othman Al-Sharif, praised the remarkable efforts made by the media in Shendi locality, the Expatriate Media Association , Shendi radio and television and military media. during a press release.

The minister stressed that Shendi media represents a model for preserving the unity of the domestic front.

Its role has been important in meeting challenges and supporting the armed forces. In addition, Shendi media played an important role in highlighting development achievements at the state and local level in Shendi, highlighting efforts of mobilization, mobilization and resistance popular. as well as contributing to the stability of the educational process and supporting expatriates, without neglecting its role in supporting the development movement at all levels.

The minister praised the efforts of the Shendi locality media room, praising its distinguished role in refuting rumors and strengthening national security.

The minister lauded the effective media movement of the Shindi Expatriate Media Association, praising its electronic publications, led by the 'Shendi Electronic' newspaper, which continues to provide a brilliant media panel that enriches the state's media scene.

The Minister thanked and appreciated the Executive Director of Shendi locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, the sponsor of local media, Mr. Babakir Al-Sayyed Al-Azraq, Director of the General Administration of Culture, of media and communications in the locality of Shendi. , and Mr. Colonel Hafez Fath Al-Rahman, Head of the Moral Guidance and Military Media Division of the Third Division, appreciating their distinguished role in leading the media. Their clear contributions in formulating a targeted media discourse, which in turn. contributed to strengthening the firmness of the domestic front and supporting the valiant armed forces, affirming the solid position of all sectors of the state behind the armed forces, until a decisive victory was achieved on all fronts of battle.

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