Nile State Ministry of Culture and Information Organizes Screening of Documentary Film on Railway Authority Museum

The Nile River State Ministry of Culture and Information, in cooperation with the Nile Valley University and the Dean of Libraries, organized the screening of an English documentary film on the Nile Museum the railway authority, as part of the Memory of Sudan project.

The show saw the presence of an elite group of personalities, led by Professor Fatima Obaidullah, Director of the General Administration of Culture of the River Nile State, and Professor Wehbe Abdel Fattah, Project Coordinator Memory of Sudan at Nile Valley University. The presentation was also attended by a number of university leaders, the Dean of Libraries and the Ministry of Culture and Information, and the event was graced by the presence of Professor Mustafa Ahmed Fadl, founder of the Railway Museum of Atbara.

The film highlights the role of the Railway Museum as a pioneering cultural edifice, with comprehensive positive impacts on various aspects of life in Sudan, culturally, socially and economically. The film also seeks to preserve the ancient history of the railway and pass it on to future generations, to serve as a living witness to the achievements of this vital sector.

Professor Fatima Obaidullah, Director of the State General Administration of Culture, highlighted the importance of the partnership with the Sudan Memory Project and the Nile Valley University, which is part of the ministry's plan to activate the Department of Records and Libraries in the country. General Administration of Culture, and aims to develop cultural work in the State. She added that this film represents a qualitative leap within the Memory of Sudan project and embodies a model for producing more films that enrich the cultural scene of the state.

For his part, Professor Wehbe Abdel Fattah, coordinator of the Sudan Memory Project at the Nile Valley University, expressed his immense joy during the screening of the Railway Museum film, which represents the first distinctive cinematographic production of the Project Memory of Sudan documentary films. He also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the Ministry of Culture for its sponsorship and support for the documentary work, highlighting the continued cooperation and fruitful partnership between the Sudan Memory Project and the ministry with the aim of documenting the rich heritage and the culture of Sudan. Nile River State.

In turn, director Muhammad Taj Al-Sir explained that the film highlights the valuable collectibles and exhibits present at the Railway Museum, with the aim of presenting to the general public the history of this vital sector and its importance in the civilizational journey of Sudan. He also confirmed the effective start of production work on the Arabic version of the film, in addition to the projected English version, convinced of the importance of spreading railway culture and strengthening its position at the global level.

Many participants expressed great pride in this national achievement represented by the Sudan Memory Project and the strong start in documenting the history of the railway, this vital artery that united all regions of the country and its pulse that moved the wheel of the country. development. They praised the importance of this project in preserving our ancient heritage and passing it on to future generations, emphasizing their continued support and encouragement for such initiatives aimed at enriching the cultural scene in Sudan and strengthening its national identity.

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