Nile Youth Minister: Dignity courses are images of sports cohesion with the armed forces

The Minister of Youth and Sports of the Nile State, Louay Mustafa, said that the Dignity Martyrs courses launched in all localities of the Nile State are one of the images of the cohesion of the sports sector with the armed forces and in recognition of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the pride and dignity of this country.

The minister indicated that he attended a match of the Karama tournament held in the Quraish district of Shindi between the teams of Al-Dinamo and Umm Karshula, in the presence of the executive director of the Shindi locality, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, and the social media star, Haitham Al-Khalla, indicating that the images of cohesion between the Nile sports sector and the armed forces motivated all states in Sudan to establish cohesion programs, including courses for the martyrs of dignity.

The minister stressed that these tournaments have created social programs and increased social cohesion among the players of the teams, and have filled a large part of the void among the youth and the fans, especially since these tournaments involve many teams.

The minister explained that these tournaments fill the sporting void resulting from the suspension of league matches in the Premier League and regular leagues in all states of Sudan.

The minister revealed that Al Karama tournaments involve stars and players from excellent clubs and top players from a number of sports clubs known by the names of their stars, which has earned them great popularity and following, with fans flocking from all directions.

He said that the appearance of social media star Haitham Al-Khala at the Al-Karama tournament in Quraish prompted the public to gather around him and take pictures with him, which increased the media space for such tournaments for the martyrs of dignity.

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